credit: Bank said N0... Then you may need a plan to buy a home! - 08/25/13 10:15 AM
HELP US GET A MORTGAGE... BANK SAID NO!                 During the past few years the government rules in obtaining a mortgage have become more difficult. In their commitment to manage mortgage defaults in the future they believe having stricter guidelines is the answer. And that is fine if there was such a program to help borrowers... obtain a mortgage in the future. Up until a few years ago there wasn't.... but now there is. We've been working closing during the past three years with a non profit organization in helping potential borrowers with taking actions that would help them obtain the down payment assistance and credit … (0 comments)

credit: I WANT to buy a home now! Are you willing...? - 03/28/11 06:03 AM
Often we hear clients call our office telling us what they want.... we often explain to them that in-order to get what they want they NEED to take some actions that will allow us to get them what they want... the problem is many are not listening to what we've just shared with them which ultimately will cost them in the long run!
Gone are the days when mortgage brokers and originators across the country would have access to mortgage lending products that would allow anyone to get a mortgage. Many of these renters have had friends and relatives get mortgages … (3 comments)

credit: Buy a home, Guarantee!!! - 12/28/10 01:51 AM
Want to buy your first home, or have a client wanting to buy a home but for some reason there is a problem with credit, down-payment or closing costs? If so and you really want to buy a home, then this is your Guarantee!!!!
Mortgage Services, Inc. has been providing lending services over the past 25 year period and has designed a program to support those who really want to own a home. If you can't get approved quickly then our UNIQUE RENT-2-PURCHASE PROGRAM can help guarantee your home-ownership dreams come true!
Don't wait, call today 1.800.922.3210 ext 112
It's your … (0 comments)

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