Tamper Resitant Outlets    There are many types of specialty electrical outlets, but tamper resistant receptacles are becoming more and more popular. Now you’ve all seen these things before:It’s a little piece of plastic that goes into a receptacle so children cannot put anything in there. We are...
What are Those Test and Reset Buttons on my Outlet? I would like to explain what exactly is a GFI. A GFI, or GFCI, as it is known, stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It looks like a regular outlet, but it has two little buttons in the middle. There’s a test button and a reset button, an...
Here is a great blog article written by Atlanta's Home Inspector, David Lelak IHI Home Inspections.  I just changed three of these panels in one house Norwalk ,CT before a new home buyer moved in.  For more information, please visit . Was your home built sometime between 195...
When the Power Goes Out, Who Should You Call?   It is quite common for tree branches to fall during a storm and knock down power lines.  Unfortunately, many homeowners are unsure as to what parts of the electrical system is their responsibility and what parts will be repaired by the utility compa...
A circuit breaker is a device that’s specifically designed to prevent dangerous electrical situations from happening. Those dangerous situations include a short, which means that the hot and the ground or the neutral are touching before getting to the light bulb or load on that circuit. And it ca...

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