wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Echoes We Keep Hearing... - 12/16/09 11:05 PM
   Once again...too often again...we hear the stories of realtor who listed the house for the price that the seller determined....adding the mortgage, the Home Equity loan, the credit card debt, the commission, taxes, and "start over money" and came up with a list price that the seller would find acceptable.
       Months later...the overpriced home is on the market...the seller(s) can't afford the mortgage...they borrow payments from relatives...add to their credit card debt...continue to deny the reality that the equity that they imagined, wished for...."needed" is not there...not today...not for a long time...and not to the degree that they "need" … (6 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Staging A Short Sale....NOT like Lipstick...... - 12/12/09 10:43 PM
  There are different schools of thought on "dressing up a short sale"....different isn't right or wrong...it is different. We believe, regardless of the "status of a listing"...short sale, bank owned, "traditional"....being the best you can be has merit.
  There are realtors who profess that staging a short sale is like putting Lipstick....well you know....and we are not from that school of thought.  Every listing, regardless of status....gets an analysis....and in some cases some staging assistance.
- Sometimes divorce can mean that the spouse left in the house has been left without the things that make a house warm and … (8 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Four Bedroom - 2 bath WOW Ranch..Pewaukee Short Sale...HURRY ! - 12/09/09 12:34 AM
    This home has room to roam....for your whole family...an eat in kitchen...large living room, family room with built in bookcases...four bedrooms, 2 full baths....a great wooded backyard ....just steps from the Pewaukee Library at

  This short sale will have a short time on the market...large back yard....well maintained and super price at just $199,777....you won't find a better home in the area !  Call the Hansons....arrange a private tour and bring your checkbook !


wesellupsidedownhomescom: "I Just Wasn't Ready to Move." Lamented the Short Sale Seller - 12/03/09 10:55 PM
  Last evening we went to take a listing for a lovely little well kept home being sold by a divorcing couple.  They knew that neither of them could afford to keep the house and after some discussion with attorneys...accountants. ...internet "research" ...called us to list the home as a short sale.
    After our explanation....from the "Learn what you don't know" school...information we give both parties, necessary forms to complete...we always ask of course, if there are any questions.  Yes...there are almost always questions...they heard this, imagined that...aren't sure about...and it is a part of our job to educate the … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Decisions Decisions…What Kind of Decision Maker Are You ? - 11/26/09 07:28 PM
    Whether you are a lender, realtor, manager, buyer, seller, appraiser, lawyer….or in an unrelated field, you make decisions every day ….of various sizes, natures…that have consequences and rewards and we are closely involved with people who make big decisions as well.  Sometimes our buyers, sellers, lenders, professional networkers,  etc., want our input into their decision making process. Our experience may be different, more educated, from a different perspective, etc. than theirs and they value the expertise as a vital ingredient in the decision making mix.  This short series will help you identify methods and means for making … (9 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "I Just Can't Expect the Bank to Pay For My Mistake...." Wept the Seller - 11/15/09 12:58 PM
   We spoke with a seller who is very upside down with their mortgage and has already had some reduction in income with a pending divorce which is only going to become more drastic when the divorce is final.  "It goes against my moral fiber..." he sobbed.   He has sold everything he owns, borrowed money from family members (almost ironically that was going to be used for the down payment on a house.) and done all he can do to try and remain in the house and not "short the bank."
     Many people were raised all wrong to be irreponsible … (0 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: We Hope We Don't List this Short Sale - 10/25/09 12:08 AM
  We got a call yesterday from someone who had a relative that had gotten behind on their mortgage. The relative wanted us to call the "could be" seller and see if a short sale  We know the neighborhood well...we have never been to the house...but knowing the description and the area...it is what we call locally "Old world Charming." It has wide baseboards, built in buffets, arched doorways, real plaster...hardwood floors...lots of character. The seller had lost his job...and not been able to make his mortgage payments.
   He worked at part time...any time ....all the time jobs until he … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Multiple Offers On Short Sales...You Bet ! - 10/16/09 11:51 PM
  People in southeastern Wisconsin are becoming more educated about the rewards of buying Short Sales...this week we presented multiple offers on one...and tomorrow...multiple offers on another. We talk with each agent who has written an offer making sure that both the agent and their buyer have an understanding of the process involved and that they know that there is some "hurry up and wait" as the transaction continues through the maze at the bank.
   Patience is well rewarded by the tremendous value that a properly priced can provide the buyer. The bonus to the seller(s) is that there is … (2 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "But...But...But...The Bank CAN'T Raise the Price on a Short Sale...".... - 10/11/09 05:55 AM
   We recently got several offers on a wonderful short sale listing...a large almost new home in the country. It wouldn't be for every buyer in this otherwise, largely urban area...but for those who want to be outside the hustle and bustle....some land, a huge heated out building and attached 3+ car garage....finished lower level....it is just the ticket at the right price.  It was on the market for a while...and all at once, 3 offers. The bank decided that they wanted more than the offers were written for....sooooo off went a multiple counter.
   "You Can't Do That....The Bank Can't … (7 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: What a Short Sale Does NOT Do....Banks are Not Fairy Godmothers... - 10/11/09 01:10 AM
   Short Sales are not as common in Wisconsin as they are in many parts of the country.  There are consumers and realtors alike that are uninformed and misinformed and we see it as part of our job to provide information about short sales...correct things that people believe that are not true...and explain things that are true in an effort to save more sellers from foreclosure.
    One of the myths that we have heard recently is that if a seller choose to...they can take all the debts that they have...medical, credit cards, tax liens and have them put as liens … (5 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "MY House is Too Expensive to Do A Short Sale".... - 09/30/09 12:19 AM
  The price of a house, the amount that is owed, the neighborhood, the state, the desire not to pay a mortgage are all factors that have nothing to do with whether or not a seller can do a short sale  We have had agents tell us....they need to know "how much is owed" to write an offer...We have had sellers fearing foreclosure because they are sure the house is too expensive.
   If you have a hardship...illness,death,divorce,un or underemployment....there are many documentable hardships...that have put you, your finances and your mortgage, upside down.
   There is nooooo such thing … (19 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "No One Needs to Know I Didn't Pay the Mortgage" - Short Sale Seller - 09/26/09 11:30 PM
   Every realtor who makes short sales a part of their real estate business concentration and is successful...has to be compassionate in our opinion.  There is sleep lost, tears shed, hugs given....meals shared....it is difficult to imagine the range of emotions a seller goes through when they finally face losing their home and all other options have been explored.  It is imperative that the seller be "on board" with the entire process...here is an example of how not to be a short sale seller:
   We recently were referred  to a  Short Sale seller who had a whole list of … (26 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sales...Sooner than Later is Best ! - 09/24/09 12:40 AM
  We got a call from a seller who had not made a mortgage payment in 2 years...not a typo...years not months...I thought she may been mistaken but after talking with her attorney...that indeed was the case.The foreclosure bus was about to pull up to her home momentarily and the home was to go to a Sheriff's sale. The seller said she was unaware of Short Sales and didn't realize there was any alternative to foreclosure.  Now...most likely there is not.
   As soon as you find yourself in a position of not being able to pay your mortgage....CALL  US wherever you … (16 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Local Lenders and Short Sales....Short Comprehension - 09/23/09 12:39 AM
     Local lenders seem to have a much more difficult time understanding  the “short” in short sales than the larger national lenders.    You can take a walk thru the Rain or any real estate website where short sales are a topic…and the echoes of complaints are heard about the same lenders over and over…no response…refused to negotiate…charge a deficiency…second lien holders who believe they are in control and want “everything.”
   Local lenders some in particular we understand…go through all the exercise…they  order a BPO, hire a licensed  appraiser…have bank “officials” walk the property …drive past…tour them inside … (2 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: “Wow…All the Short Sales I List Go Into Foreclosure…..!” said the limited service agent. - 09/21/09 04:55 AM
We got a call to show one of our short sale listings and the agent was mumbling and grumbling…”I have listed a bunch of short sales, but the all go into foreclosure. How do you close them ? “ Well Lulu….we took classes…twice…flew out of state and we have our CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) designation and have been doing them successfully for a couple years with a team of five people. We continually update our education with other classes as well. If you have a short sale, refer it to us and we will give you a referral fee. “No….just … (4 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: “You’re Having an Issue with Suzy ? I’m Not Surprised…” Said the Manager. - 09/21/09 12:13 AM

    Suzy “knows” short sales…she has never listed one…but she knows….and what’s more…now her low ball buyers also know more….and they know that there is “Public information we are hiding.”  Hmmm…maybe I misunderstood your shrieking Suzy…if it’s public and you and your buyers are sooo  well versed in short sales…it should be easy to find.
   Your Buyers want to know what was in the short sale package….did we know that there should be a hardship letter…?  Golly Suzy….you mean you have to have a hardship ?  Gee…I wish we had called your buyers before we closed the last … (5 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "Come and Get Your Lockbox...I'm Getting Too Many Showings !" - 09/19/09 11:35 PM
  This was the cry...make that scream of a short sale seller on e-mail last night.  He was frustrated with having to prepare for showings...golly gee whiz. That meant the less than well trained dog had to be crated....or taken for a   walk...and maybe an hour out of his day. The market has picked up...the price makes it the best around...the condo is relatively with great features...and we would expect an offer shortly basd upon the interest we are seeing.
   No way you could talk sense to this angry seller...Golly gee whiz...no one was writing...some (make that most) agents after … (11 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: "The Bank HAS to take Our Offer..." Said the Selling Agent.... - 09/14/09 12:58 AM
    We recently got an offer from a selling agent on of our short sales....considerably less than the very reasonably priced listing.  The house is less than 3 years old...has lots of features...land...and is priced far, far less than anyone could build it for...Everyone wants to tweak a house and make it their own...we have made a list of "popular tweaks" and samples of different things as well as the pricing to let people know what these additions may cost should they choose to do them.  In our experience...short sale Or traditional sale...every buyer always imagines than every stroke of the … (15 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Will/Should Short Sale Law Suits Be Next ? - 09/03/09 03:43 PM
              Running thru the MLS....looking at short sales and noting the listing agents...days on market...pattern or lack thereof of the short sale marketing hallmarks....pricing that still reflects "buying the listing"  but is indicated as a short sale.  Then peak at social networks...walk thru the Rain...look at the real estate oriented sites..you will see it, read it...and if you are like us...not understand it.  If you have not had the experience...did not take the training...don't understand the legalities...and worse yet...blog, comment...complain about the listing you had that "went into foreclosure anyway"....now there's something to be proud … (4 comments)

wesellupsidedownhomescom: Short Sale Promotion...It IS your Job as a listing agent... - 08/26/09 12:35 AM
    We hear it in the marketplace, we see it on blogs...it appears in the internet...it's an attitude  that breeds defeat.  It is the lowering of a voice as if it matches the lowering of the price...."Oh...it's a short sale," comments the selling agent...as if somehow that makes it less worthy of an open house, a blog, an e-mail campaign....

   We know that Wendy Rulnick knows better...
     Pacita Dimacli opens the doors to outstanding open houses
   Elizabeth Weintraub is happy to give us a tour
   Know that if you have been entrusted with the … (8 comments)

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