vacation: 10 Days To a Happier You - Day 8 - 11/22/16 04:49 PM
Day 8 of my 10 Days to a Happier you series:
 Day 8 is:   Plan a trip – even if you can't take it!
In fact, the planning of a vacation can actually make you happier. than actually taking one!!
 There is a great study in the journal, Applied Research in Quality of Life  that showed the highest spike in
happiness came during the planning stage of a vacation  and not during the vacation itself...I think it is the anticipation!!
Isn't it great that even if you can't take the time for a vacation, you can still get the happiness benefits just by planning and dreaming about it!

vacation: Vacation Time - Mexico Sunset and Beach - 11/15/16 12:04 PM

Last weekend we visited Baja, Mexico.. What a beautiful place .. We stayed at a place in La Playa Mision and loved every minute. The beach was gorgeous with black sand and it even had sparkles in it.. The sunset above was from our table at dinner.. The first photo was from the balcony of where we stayed... Loving my vacation time!!

vacation: Relaxing Weekend At The Beach - 09/07/14 11:51 AM
There is nothing more relaxing than spending a long weekend at the beach.. I love the smells and everything about the feeling of laying on the beach on a sunny day... Or even cloudy day! And this time of year is even better since the crowds are gone and you almost have the beach to yourself!

vacation: A Walk On Garden City Beach 2012 - Speechless Sunday - 09/09/12 12:55 PM
A Walk On Garden City Beach 2012 - Speechless Sunday

My last night on my long weekend getaway to Garden City  Beach( Myrtle Beach).. Walking along the beach tonight I got a few good shots of the ocean at sunset. Hope you enjoy them...And I Hope everyone has had as good a weekend as I have.


vacation: Next Time, Go To Hell - Hell Week, That Is - 08/15/12 10:50 AM
When you picture your dream vacation, you most likely imagine a picturesque backdrop and relaxing with your feet up. Instead, how would you like to go to Hell? Here is a link to an article about some Navy Seals that are offering you just that! These former Navy Seals are offering a chance to experience Hell Week. Going to Hell starts at just $1890. So, what do you think? Wanna try it? Hell is located in Virginia along the coast ( good to know, huh?) Really though, it kinda sounds fun... I imagine it would be great for some guys that want … (10 comments)

vacation: In Paradise! - 08/02/12 04:51 PM
I haven't been blogging like normal because I am in Oceanside California on vacation visiting my daughter.... First time in several years that I haven't blogged most everyday! But just look at where I am! Would you be blogging? Or doing what I do, sitting on the beach as much as possible?? :)

vacation: California Here I Come! - 07/23/12 01:28 PM

California Here I Come - My flight leaves in the morning and I can't wait!! I should arrive before lunch CA time! I get to spend the next two weeks with my oldest daughter in Oceanside California. We have so many fun things we plan on doing and the beach is calling me for sure!  

vacation: Silent Saturday - It Won't Be Long Now Before I Will Be THERE! - 06/16/12 01:32 PM

It won't be long now before I will be THERE!... Where is THERE? It is Oceanside CA.. My daughter lives there and I will be visiting for a couple weeks in just over a month from now. I can't wait.. The best part is seeing my lovely daughter, but a close second is the site and sound of the Pacific Ocean.

vacation: Speechless Sunday - Trip To CA - 10/02/11 09:28 AM

Beach in Oceanside CA - early in my trip... don't you just love the ocean?

"Old Town" in San Diego CA -  lots of great shops.

view from The Coaster ( a train in CA) on my way from Oceanside to San Diego

View from my daughter's home - you can see the ocean ... I just love it.. only about 3 blocks away.. Salt air smell all around you.. ahhhh.. heaven

vacation: Did My Subconscious Mind Make Me Miss My PLane? - 10/02/11 09:18 AM
I have been on vacation since September 15th visiting my oldest daughter in Southern California. It was a wonderful trip full of good times, beach, and good food with friends. I was supposed to leave yesterday morning but I forgot a bag at my daughter's house so I decided I would just miss my flight and take the next one.. Well.. the next one wasn't until this morning... Yep, that's right, I spent and extra day in CA. What a bummer.. LOL... It was a very fun day and Rachel took most of the day off with me and we spent … (4 comments)

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