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This nice little whitetail buck stopped by for a snack of the Nandina berries and of course some of the bush as well.  The deer love to eat the red berries when they are ripe.  Sometimes they get a drink out of the pool while they are there.  I saw this one also eating out of the on ground bird f...
Strange as it may seem the U.S. Army had a camel mounted military post in the hill country of Texas. It was so called the camel experiment to see if camels could be used to transport supplies and for other purposes. In 1854 Jefferson Davis, who later became president of Confederate States, ask co...
We did a little road trip today to check out all of the fruit trees that have bloomed out within the last few days but we spent more time taking pictures of other items.  The other things happened to be historic buildings and a few animals such as buffalo and a few zebras along the way plus some ...
The little town of Bandera has it's share of real strange people but they are strange in a good way.  Here is a picture of Mr. Buffalo and his baby camel that he brings into down town to let visitors pet him and take a picture or two.  He does not charge for the pictures but he does take tips---s...
This one picture of the young white tail buck and the white wing dove appear as if they are great friends.  The Painted Bunting taking a meal out of the on ground bird feeder is such a colorful bird it has the same colors as some of the wild parrots that live in this area.                        ...
Hi! I am new to this group so if my pictures or post don't fit let me know.  Her are a few pictures of some Axis deer that feed through our yard each day.  There are also a few White Tail Deer that live in our back yard with an occasional antilope.  They like the water sprinkler in the summer tim...
REMEMBER CELL PHONE NUMBERS GO PUBLIC THIS MONTH THEY ARE BEING RELEASED TO TELEMARKETING COMPANIES AND YOU WILL START TO RECEIVE CALLS,  YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS. To keep this from happening, call this number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.  It is the national do not call list.  I...
This is one of the most interesting web sites that I have found and I know it will be interesting to you if you check it out.  Some may have this one marked as a favorite if not you will like it.  The address is www.mongabay.com  and the site has news from many countries, it is a most interesting...
While on a trip to Granbury this past weekend, we were noticing that even in North Texas, Spring must be on the doorstep. The trees here in Kerrville are almost leafing out with the buds bursting more each day.   The amount of birds moving from the south up into this Hill Country Area are in the ...


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