pickerington real estate: 2011 home sales off to a strong start - 03/22/11 03:40 AM
(March 22, 2011) Home sales for the first two months of the year are just 1.1 percent behind the same period last year
suggesting a strong start for the central Ohio housing market according to the Columbus Board of REALTORS® (CBR). 
There were 2,178 homes closed in January and February compared to the 2,202 closings during the first two months of 2010.
February home sales dipped slightly to 1,128, just 1.3 percent less than the 1,143 homes sold during the same month one year
"Why are we pleased at the small decrease in sales this year" asks … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: Important FHA Condo Update - 12/08/10 04:30 AM
All condominiums starting December 7, 2011 financed with FHA loans will need to be re-certified for FHA lending.  The time frame for recertifications are approximately 4-6 weeks according to what HUD has stated.The following documentation is required for FHA Reviews on "Established" Condo Project: Fully completed and executed Condominium Project Certification. Lender's form.Condominium project Budget and Financial Statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) Management Contract, if agent managedHOA Master Insurance Policy (Hazard, Liability, Fidelity and Flood)FEMA Flood Map (HMG Condo Group will obtain)Condominium project Recorded Legal Documents: Declaration/Master Deed and By-Laws, Amendments, Plat Map and Site Plans, Articles of Incorporation … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: Finding Your Perfect Home - 11/18/10 02:33 AM
As the old saying goes, real estate is all about location, location, location.  But, there is a lot more to it than just plain geography when it comes to finding your perfect home.  There are a lot of things to consider during the search because, for most, a home is the most significant purchase they will ever make.
Choose A Good Area
When searching for your perfect home, the obvious place to start is with the selection of a location.  If you have children, you may want to choose a home that is close to good schools and … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: 6 Reasons it Pays to Shop Around Before Choosing a Mortgage - 08/26/10 02:23 AM
By Paige TeppingRISMEDIA, August 26, 2010--You wouldn't buy a house without shopping around first, right? Then why would you commit to the loan you use to buy that house without making sure you're getting the best deal possible? From the experts at LendingTree, here are six reasons why it's essential to take a few minutes to browse before you borrow: 1. To get the best interest rate possible Over the life of a $200,000, 30-year fixed rate loan, a one-tenth of a point difference in interest rate could save or cost you thousands of dollars. 2. To pay lower loan fees … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: FHA Launches Short Refi Opportunity for Underwater Homeowners - 08/09/10 02:57 AM
RISMEDIA, August 9, 2010--In an effort to help responsible homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than the value of their property, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  provided details on the adjustment to its refinance program which was announced earlier this year that will enable lenders to provide additional refinancing options to homeowners who owe more than their home is worth. Starting September 7, 2010, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will offer certain ‘underwater' non-FHA borrowers who are current on their existing mortgage and whose lenders agree to write off at least ten percent of the unpaid … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: DIY Painting 101 - 07/20/10 05:47 AM
By Stephanie AndreLooking to spruce up your home, but don't know where to start? From molding to choice of color, there's a lot to consider before dipping your brush in the paint. Does a room really look smaller with a darker color on the walls? Should your ceilings be white? Do you want to add an accent wall?Here are some tips on getting started: Getting Started · Size up your room. How you use color depends on where you use color. Each room has its own unique elements and function. First think about the structure of the room. Consider its … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: Central Ohio Home sales this year now exceed 2009 by 24 percent - 06/27/10 05:54 AM

May closings maintain frenzied pace
Home sales this year now exceed 2009 by 24 percent
Central Ohio home closings in May significantly outpaced the previous month as well as the previous year. The number of home
sales last month (2,401) were up 27 percent over April of this year and were 32.7 percent higher than homes closed in May of 2009.
"Although many believed that home sales activity would slow after the April 30 deadline for the home buyer tax credits," said Sue
Lusk-Gleich, President of the Columbus Board of REALTORS®. "However, home sales didn't just keep pace … (1 comments)

pickerington real estate: After April 30th..................What Next? - 03/14/10 04:18 AM
It seems that most agents are quite busy trying to help as many folks as possible find and sell homes prior to the April 30th deadline.  Here in the Columbus area it has been a wild and crazy ride with multiple offers, price increases and vanishing inventory.  It has been quite awhile since many of us have worked with such motivated buyers and sellers.  All of this leads us to the quiet worry of "What Happens Next?
Will our buyers and sellers continue to operate with such  a great sense of urgency?  Will real estate settle back to a slow crawl. I'm not really … (3 comments)

pickerington real estate: 2009 Ohio Home Purchases - 02/09/10 07:17 AM

Although 2009 was another challenging year for Ohio Real Estate it shaped up to be slightly better than 2008. The first time home buyers tax credit helped many central Ohioans realize their dreams of home ownership. Below is a quick snapshot that tells us a little about the typical 2009 central Ohio home buyer.
47% Were First Time Home Buyers Median household income for first time buyers was $62,800 Median household income for repeat buyers was $89,700 20% of the buyers were single females 10% were single males Median age of First time buyer was 28 years Median … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: Central Ohio Real Estate Agent or REALTOR®? - 01/26/10 08:01 AM

Looking for a Central Ohio real estate can be a daunting process. That's why most of us will choose to get a real estate professional to guide us on this journey.  Picking the right person is important when you're looking to get a great deal on a home, so you need to know what to look for.
There is some confusion about the difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR®. A REALTOR® can be any real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).  Each member has to follow a strictly enforced code … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: Tax Credits for Replacing Windows, Doors, and Skylights - 12/16/09 05:26 AM

By: Gil Rudawsky
Published: September 9, 2009
Do you qualify?
Your windows are drafty or more than 15 years old. You install qualifying replacements in 2009 or 2010. You haven't already maxed out the energy tax credit on other upgrades.
High-end products are more expensive, but they are often better constructed and more energy efficient. Image: Andersen Windows, Inc.
Does it feel like money is escaping through your home's drafty windows, doors, and skylights? You might be able to keep at least some of that cash in your pocket by taking advantage of federal energy tax credits for … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit 2.0 - 11/14/09 05:09 AM

First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit 2.0
The extension of the 2009  First Time buyers tax credit not only gives procrastinators a little more time to take advantage of the up to $8K tax credit, the extension also  offers some exciting new benefits.
Military Benefits:
Members of the Armed Services, intelligence, and foreign services, who are on active duty and spend a minimum of 90 days outside of the US in 2009, will get an additional year to buy their homes, up to May 1st, 2011.
Another benefit is a waiver on the time of occupancy of the … (1 comments)

pickerington real estate: Why Is A Final Walk-Through Inspection of Your New Columbus Area Home So Important? - 08/14/09 12:58 PM

It's almost time for the closing on the Columbus area home you're buying and you can't wait.  You go to the property for the final walk-through inspection.  You're so busy thinking about where the furniture is going to go and what color you'll paint the walls, you breeze right through the house.
It's after closing and moving day has arrived.  Your movers have already packed up your old house and are waiting for you to show up and unlock the door at your new Columbus area home.  You enter the house only to find that the repair the sellers were … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: 6 Great Reasons First-Time Central Ohio Home Buyers Should Purchase Now - 07/08/09 09:26 AM

Although the housing market has had its fair share of ups and down, many home buyers, particularly first-time home buyers, are reaping the benefits. If you're thinking about purchasing a Central Ohio home, there are many good reasons to make your move today.  Here are six of them:
•1.      Low interest rates - Right now, interest rates are lower than ever before. This means you can get an extremely affordable loan and save big on interest payments.
•2.      Cheaper home prices - Not only are interest rates low, but homes all around are cheaper. Since the … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: 12.9% Increase in Central Ohio Home Sales in May 2009 - 06/26/09 07:11 AM


pickerington real estate: The Peace of Mind Program Can Get You into the Home of Your Dreams - 06/18/09 04:16 AM
You're found the perfect home. It has the right number of bedrooms, great living spaces, and boasts prime proximity to everything you need. With so many great incentives now is the time to buy, but you have reservations about plunging into such an important financial commitment in the midst of economic uncertainty. If you find yourself in this situation, then Real Living's free Peace of Mind Program may be just what you need.
The Peace of Mind Program gives you the opportunity to take advantage of some of the lowest interest rates today, while ensuring your financial peace of mind tomorrow. … (0 comments)

pickerington real estate: The four Most Important things to Remember With Short Sales - 06/15/09 03:07 AM

Purchasing a short sale can be nerve wrecking and exciting.  Many are lured in by the wonderful thought of getting a great deal on a house.   However, it is important to remember, before getting too caught up that there are many "Got Chas"  that without proper knowledge and guidance can derail your plan to short sale success.
The 4 Key things to remember when purchasing a short sale are:
1.  Work with a Pro
Buying a short sale requires knowledge of the process and good negotiation skills. Just as with a regular sale your agent  will  coordinate  all the … (1 comments)

pickerington real estate: City Wide Open House - 06/08/09 07:10 AM
Mark your calender for Sunday June 14th1-4
Come out to the Open House Extravaganza -Sponsored by the Columbus Board of Realtors.
Homes from $29,900 to over $800K will be held Open for your to view. 
For a complete list of the homes and times CLICK HERE
With home prices increasing and inventories decreasing, here in Central Ohio, now is the time to make the move to your dream home.
For more information on this event or for other real estate help call me at 614-273-6406 or email me at Vanessa.simmons@realliving.com

pickerington real estate: What's in a Name Countrywide? - 05/03/09 01:04 PM
Those of us who work with short sales only need to mention "Countrywide" and instantly delays and slow processes are understood.  Often the mere mention of "Countrywide" will harness sympathy and compassion.   The name has sparked frustration from sellers, buyers and agents across the country.  So it should come as no surprise that many of us are anxiously waiting to see if the Bank of America (BofA) acquisition and name change will bring about real change.
When I recently read that Countrywide President David Sambol was given a 20 Million dollar retention bonus, by  BofA I was more … (2 comments)

pickerington real estate: Three Ways to Roundup a Down Payment for your new Columbus Area Home - 04/26/09 07:47 AM

You have heard it a thousand times...Now is a great time to buy over and over.  You know they are right and you are ready to take the plunge.  Finally you have the right job and your credit is in good shape.  So what is holding your back?  More often than not it is the down payment money. The current Columbus financial market is requiring 3.5% for FHA and 5% for conventional.  It is important to understand that you will need to save money.  However, there are still options out there to assist you with Down Payment.  In this post … (7 comments)

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