sarasota realty: Sarasota Real Estate: How Home Sales Will Figure In 2008 - 03/31/08 11:41 PM
The correction that is taking place in the housing market today after being jolted by the housing crunch, is almost very segment of the market, could be a silver lining in the clouds, and could add up to better home buying opportunities this year. According to real estate market analysts, well-priced homes in resort-style destinations are always in demand, and with this idea, there will be many other factors that will continue to make cities like Sarasota, Florida, a preferred destination for potential home buyers. The city offers investors an affordable cost of living, wonderful natural sights and recreational amenities, an … (0 comments)

sarasota realty: Sarasota Real Estate Trends: The Property Tax Reform Vote And Its Implications On Local Markets - 03/18/08 03:27 AM
The southwestern Florida city of Sarasota, like most housing markets in the US, is slowly picking up the pieces after experiencing one of the most dramatic slumps in the housing industry. At present, the current market correction from the boom days of the past 4 years is showing signs in every aspect of the market. With this correction, housing analysts are saying that there will be more buying opportunities for housing investors in the Sarasota market, and will likely bear fruit in 2008. However, many say that home prices will flatten at the start, and will slowly begin to rise. Despite … (1 comments)

sarasota realty: Sarasota Real Estate: Home Sales Figures For January 2008 - 03/11/08 01:41 AM
Sarasota is a city in Southwestern Florida that is famous for having a wonderful year-round vacation and leisure atmosphere. The mid-sized metropolis is known for having wonderful arts and culture facilities, shopping districts, and world-famous white sand beaches in its barrier islands, called Keys. The city also has a wonderful array of real estate options to choose from, ranging from townhomes, apartments, condo, single-family homes and waterfront estates. However, with the US housing crisis still hovering around, many buyers are exercising caution, and are waiting in the sidelines, and are hoping for the market indicators to return to normal levels January … (0 comments)

sarasota realty: Sarasota Real Estate: Home Price Cuts Are Helping Revive A Sleepy Market - 03/09/08 09:15 PM
The numbers noted on January 2008 home sales figures for the whole of Southwest Florida, are giving more credence to real estate observers and agents who are contending that the housing market is ahead of the rest of the state, or ahead of the nation as a whole, in recovering from the doldrums created by the US housing crisis. According to January figures, the 4 percent increase in sales for the Sarasota-Bradenton region, and the 13 percent rise for the Charlotte County-North Port areas, has marked 2 of only 3 sales gains for the state’s 20 most lucrative and largest markets. … (1 comments)

sarasota realty: Sarasota Real Estate: Homes in Longboat Key - 03/03/08 07:21 PM
The city of Sarasota in Florida, hailed by Money Magazine as the "best small city in America," is an ideal destination to build a viable real estate investment, and many consider investing in the area's wide array of real estate as a truly wise decision to make. Purchasing or selling homes is considered as one of the most major events in one's life. Once one buys a home, they'll be able to have a personal place to call their own, and more space to store their belongings into. The city has a vibrant property market, and the homes on sale here … (1 comments)

sarasota realty: Factors To Consider When Looking For Waterfront Homes In Sarasota - 03/03/08 01:02 PM
 The city of Sarasota, Florida has a relaxing lifestyle that serves as a magnet for many tourists, home buyers and retiring baby boomers. With the wonderful stretch of white-sand beaches only a few minutes away, this part of the state has been viewed as a perfect year-round vacation destination. Life on the Sarasota waterfront or on the beach is a delightfully relaxing experience, and every lifestyle imaginable, or the quality of real estate you could want, is available on this vibrant property market. Located between the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay, are a number of islands called "keys" as they … (0 comments)

sarasota realty: A Closer Look At The Condominium Market In Downtown Sarasota - 02/17/08 05:48 PM
Today, when you look at downtown Sarasota, you'll see a sprinkling of new, upscale and fancy condominium developments, and you wouldn't probably remember how the area looked just 5 or 6 years ago, because a lot has already changed since then. It's hard to look at the new condominium towers that are dominating the city's downtown landscape without ever wondering. Even during the heyday of the city's real estate frenzy, when people were doubling their money and these high-rise units were being sold in as fast as 90 minutes, many people are continuing to ask, "Who is going to live there?" … (0 comments)

sarasota realty: Living In Sarasota: One Of The Best Places To Retire Young - 02/12/08 08:55 PM
Many still view the city of Sarasota as a viable vacation destination that best fits retiring baby boomers and their kind. Not anymore. Times have changed, and so do things on the ground on Sarasota, quite dramatically that the city has become a much younger, richer and definitely more stylish and hipper place, as young and middle-aged individuals and workers come here to sample the city's sights, tourists attractions, work popportunities, and large assortment of real estate options. The Place Is Home To The Most Spectacular Homes in The State The Sarasota area is well-known to be home to some of … (8 comments)


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