social media marketing: Our Top 5 Social Media Blogs of 2018 - 01/27/19 08:56 PM
Here at Z57, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date with social media's latest trends, algorithms, and strategies. With these 5 blog posts, you will find a lot of value and insight that you may not have heard before...or will only learn after getting past the paywall and signing up for an online course. Instead, here is some FREE knowledge! Please click on the titles to read the entire blog.
1. 5 Instagram Story Hacks for Real Estate Agents 2018
Instagram Stories have taken over Snapchat's market share - and is even starting to overtake most user's main Instagram feeds. With stories, the road … (1 comments)

social media marketing: Nobody Cares What You Had For Dinner Last Night - 12/27/18 09:17 AM
The #1 complaint about social media I hear is "I don't care what these people ate for dinner last night". News flash, nobody does. It's not just you that finds it annoying. On Social Media, most people will post with the objective to talk about themselves. The reason you don't care about their posts coincidentally, is because it is not about you.
How do we use that knowledge to create engaging posting content for social media? Make it not about you! Make it about the community!
If you MUST brag about something on social media, then involve the community in that post!1. Make … (3 comments)

social media marketing: 4 Ways to Win at Real Estate WITHOUT Social Media - 10/18/18 02:37 PM
Social media is the bane of many agent's marketing strategies. It's always changing. What used to work in 2009 doesn't work in 2018. And what works in 2018 will likely no longer matter in 2019. So what is your contingency plan? If you take social media out of the equation, how can you still operate a real estate business? Here are a few ideas...
1. Learn Good Networking SkillsThe key benefit of social media is that it makes networking a little easier. You can still thrive though! Be a connector, meet new people by being active in the community, and stay in … (0 comments)

social media marketing: Free Downloadable Infographic for Summer Sales! - 07/11/18 02:12 PM
Summer is the selling season! Now is the time to engage your target audience and sphere of influence on social media. Many people will have a little extra time to themselves. Even if they are on vacation, they are still checking their Facebook feeds. One great way to deliver valuable information to your prospects is through the use of infographics. Here is an infographic on 5 reasons you should sell your home in the summer.
If there are any reasons we are missing in the infographic, let us know! We hope you have a great rest of your summer! Download the infographic … (0 comments)

social media marketing: Common Instagram Myths! - 03/28/18 07:51 AM
As most real estate agents are just finally understanding how to use Facebook, Instagram still mystifies business owners. There is a lot of false information being shared by social media gurus (seriously, how is everybody a guru now?) that we would like to debunk.
Let's Talk About These Instagram Myths:
1. Use Hashtags to Get Followers
This is the number one piece of advice that social media "experts" are teaching. Hashtags must be used correctly in order to be effective. While there is validity to this claim, hashtags should not be praised as the primary action item for building an audience. Think about it, … (0 comments)

social media marketing: The Benefits of Social Media According to a Millennial - 12/05/17 10:21 AM
I'm writing this in response to another ActiveRain article I saw last month about "Social Media and the Degradation of Society". And while I do agree with some of the points in that article I don't see Social Media as a burden...but as a way to enhance your life AND business.
A quick tidbit about me: I am an older millennial. I still enjoy outdated technology like film cameras and walkmans. I personally have over 7,000 followers on instagram (started 2012) and 1,800 friends on facebook (joined 2008).
Here are some benefits:
1. Increase your sphere of influence
I know some cynics will look at … (0 comments)

social media marketing: Social Media Marketing for Agents in 2016 - 08/10/16 01:12 AM

Have you been thinking about expanding your marketing tool belt to include social media? Social media marketing for agents is a great tool to not only help brand your business, but also to help engage with your prospective clients, past clients, and colleagues alike. Not utilizing social media marketing techniques to grow your business is just as bad as having a flip phone in the 21st century.
Here’s the skinny on some of the top social media platforms today:Facebook Facebook Business Page 
In real estate, learning about your clients is pivotal in order to be successful. Social media is a great tool to … (0 comments)

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