Selling your home in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City Homes for sale

You can look at the statistics for Oklahoma County and see a drop in the housing market. What you don't see is the selection of inventory going down hill. Smaller homes such as those needed for a lot of first time buyers that want to take advantage of the First Time Buyer Tax Credit are hard to find. As you search for a home you will find a lot of houses on the market, but the really nice ones, that don't need a lot of work and will pass the inspections and appraisals of the Mortgage Companies are really hard to find.
I believe this depletion of quality homes will inspire more of those wanting to sell and upgrade to a larger home. With the First Time Home Buyer Tax relief, ambitious lenders that will guide first time buyers through credit repair, and offer some of the best interest rates we have seen in a long time, it has suddenly turned into a good time to sell.
If you have taken care of your home and are waiting until the market picks up, it's time to start looking at the numbers.
If you want to buy a home, and have been waiting for a better opportunity, you should consider getting qualified with a lender and finding a Realtor who has experience with the latest assistance in home buying.


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