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Mint Green Doesn't Sell  A Soft Neutral Is Appealing


Changing wall color is one of the least expensive, yet most powerful ways to make a positive impact on a house.  Personal colors are fine when the house isn’t on the market; however, it makes it harder to sell with those “special colors” or wall papers when it’s up for sale. 

 The goal of Staging is to appeal to the broadest range of buyers, so neutralizing the wall color is a great place to start. By neutralizing, I don’t mean “Builder White”.   Builder White is a blank canvas waiting for a little color to make the environment warm and inviting.  White can be great when it’s intentional and a wonderful backdrop for art and the right furnishings, but when used by default because a decision can’t be made on color; it looks cold, boring and unfinished.  The wrong color, or lack of color can kill a sale.

 The color range from beige to medium gold tends to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort because those colors are on the warm side of the color spectrum.  Lighter shades of warm taupe are great, too. I like to use one of those colors when we paint the walls for Staging.  Using the same neutral color throughout the public areas of the home unifies the rooms and makes the house appear as spacious as possible. 

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