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While buying and selling homes is a difficult task, there are also the later tasks of maintaining a home and making sure it’s safe for its residents. Keeping a home up-to-date from things as serious as reinforcing the infrastructure to things as minor as replacing old fixtures and changing the air filter can boost the quality of a home and the quality of safety for its residents. Beyond basic repairs there are other practices one can employ to assure home safety in case of an emergency.

First of all emergency home kits can be used in a variety of situations and should include water, flashlights, batteries, crank radio, toilet paper and most importantly a first-aid kit. These tools should be stored in a particular quantity depending on the size of the family it’s for. Additional things that can be packed are food, medication, clothing and playing cards for leisure purposes.

Another thing to plan for is home evacuations. There are several reasons a home should be evacuated and all involve different exit strategies. Residents of a home should have a plan for exiting a home and meeting up somewhere outside of the home. Certain tools that can assist a safe exit are smoke alarms for fires, fire extinguishers and escape ladders for tall structures. Choosing a meet-up spot outside of a home is important because residents run the risk of not knowing who exited the home safely. This could create a situation where a resident or family member returns into a dangerous area to search for someone who may have already exited the property.

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