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Dryer Lint Build-up:  Danger Lurking in your Home!


Almost every home has a hidden fire hazard; a clothes dryer!  Actually, the clothes dryer isn't the real danger; the dryer vent is the main concern.  Over time, lint builds up in the dryer vent system, blocking air flow and creating a fire hazard.


Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended to remove the lint build-up and to be sure the dryer exhaust system meets current safety codes.  Many homeowners like to do as much as they can, on their own, rather than paying for professional services. 


Some dryer vents are very short and easily accessible; therefore, the can be maintained by the homeowner.  Other systems require the use of special tools and equipment that a dryer vent cleaning professional uses to do the job.


There are tools available in most hardware of home improvement stores for those who wish to do the job themselves.  There is an attachment that can be used on a drill.  The rotating action of the auger brush and flexible rods will help access and clean the areas of your dryer ducts where lint builds up.  The tool comes with several flexible rods that screw together to reach into longer vents.  Once you have scrubbed the ducts, you can blow them out with a shop vac.  A variety of hand tools are also available to purchase.


If you have an exceptionally long dryer vent system, or if you are unsure as to whether or not your system is properly installed or if it meets current safety standards, it is a good idea to have a dryer vent cleaning specialist inspect the system, to be safe. 


Fire departments strongly recommend dryer vent cleaning at least once a year to remove lint accumulation before it becomes dangerous.  Lint build-up can also prevent proper ventilation of carbon monoxide if you have a gas dryer.


If you are the type who likes to do it yourself to save money then at least have your system inspected and professionally cleaned one time to be sure it is safe.  Then do the maintenance on your own.  The recommendation is professional dryer vent cleaning at least once a year; however, if you are determined to save money by doing it your self, maybe you will choose to compromise and have a professional in every two years.


D. Benson of Dryer Vent Wizard provides dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair, dryer vent installation and all dryer exhaust services to make clothes dryers operate safely and efficiently.   Dryer Vent Wizard has made a commitment to make 1 million clothes dryers safer and greener by the year 2010.  Visit http://www.dryerventwizard.com for more information.



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John Mulkey
TheHousingGuru.com - Waleska, GA
Housing Guru

Dryer vents, equally neglected just like furnace filters, but much more dangerous.

Jul 19, 2009 12:13 PM