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CHOCOLATE CREATIONS is the most unique candy emporium we have ever seen.  Located in the quaint Chocolate Creations Peckville Pennsylvaniaand charming town of Peckville Pennsylvania just off Main St.

Started in 2005 by Frank and Debbie Mazzarella, CHOCOLATE CREATIONS makes all their luscious treats by hand using the finest Swiss chocolate.

One visit to CHOCOLATE CREATIONS and you are a devotee for life.  Debbie and Frank offer some of the most unusual confections imaginable.  We first got to know Frank and Debbie when we were looking for client and thank you gifts.  They stock a huge assortment of very unique chocolate molds and can handcraft just about anything you can imagine.

For a closing gift Debbie made us a chocolate house that was covered in gold foil in two pieces so it had a lid.  The detail on the house was outstanding. Open the lid and inside were 6 gold foil covered chocolate keys.  What a unique closing gift. Our clients were so delighted.

For a fund raiser Debbie made us 1000 breast cancer ribbons on lollipop sticks and hand wrapped each one in cellophane tied with a pink ribbon. 

Debbie and Frank keep an assortment of baskets and containers on hand at CHOCOLATE CREATIONS.  They can create the most gorgeous gift baskets with any assortment of goodies you would like.

One of their specialty items is air brushed Truffles. Just sinful!  Chocolate covered popcorn with white and dark chocolate is another favorite available at CHOCOLATE CREATIONS.  There are always samples on the counter for you to savor, that are impossible to resist.

Frank and Debbie experiement with new ways to embellish their delicious chocolate.  They began printing business cards and advertising for business clients on chocolate bars.  What a super idea.  They can copy your business card or photos perfectly.

On one visit my daughter tried a chocolate cover potato chip.  I was sure it would be gross. Much to my surprise CHOCOLATE CREATIONS had come up with a tantalizing variation that was so good.

Whenever I need a gift or a THANK YOU I know I can count on CHOCOLATE CREATIONS to understand my idea, work within my budget and make a great impression on my client.

Debbie and Frank have had a lot of experience with Realtors.  If you need something special give Debbie a call and see what fantastic treats they can make exclusively for you.  Please let Debbie know you heard about CHOCOLATE CREATIONS from THE SISTERS.



1520 Pennsylvania Ave.
Peckville PA 18452
Tues. - Friday 12 - 7 p.m.
Saturday 12 - 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday & Monday



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