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As we all know, staying in touch with clients is an important step for establishing a lasting relationship and keeping ourselves and what we do visible to them at all times.

I found a valuable system and would like to share it with you. I know it will be as beneficial to you and your business. It is an incredible tool, not only can you remember people and share appreciation; you can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference, plus it is very easy to use.

Printed Greeting Cards on Demand

With a simple click of your computer's mouse - you can select a card, write a message and send a printed greeting card. You can customize a card by using your own photos, your hand writing and even your own signature. They print it, stuff it, stamp it, and send it in the mail for you. It's fast, easy and fun.

 Let their reminder system tell you when a card is needed or simply choose a card anytime you want. Send unexpected cards at unexpected times. Never forget another birthday. Always show appreciation and to stay in touch with people who matter to you most.

It offers a simple and professional way for businesses to follow-up with their customers, vendors and associates. A customer that feels appreciated will continue to do business with you. They will also refer others to you.

You can create campaigns that will automatically send out Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards, and Promotional Postcards.

Customized Greeting Cards and Postcards

You can customize your business cards with your own logos, photos, or designs. For a nominal fee, it will create and set-up your own custom card. With this, a business can choose between their own custom cards, or have the flexibility of using any of the cards already available in the card catalog.


You can have a campaign set-up for your business in just minutes. You can even personalize each piece within a day of its scheduled time to go out. You can have custom greeting cards and postcards made for your business; this lets your customer recognize you.

Example: Let's say you sell insurance. You decide that when someone buys a policy from you, you will send a pre-scheduled campaign of cards to your new customer. You will first send a Thank You Card, then a Birthday Card will be scheduled, A Holiday card will be scheduled and an Anniversary of Policy postcard will be scheduled that promotes new products that you offer. The system will automatically do this for you.

In addition, you can look up a customer's name at any time, click on a card that is scheduled to go out, click on that card and customize your message to that customer at any time.

Following up with Clients is important: 

As the saying goes "the fortune is in the follow-up." When you follow up it shows you care and strengthens your relationships.

Referrals are a great way to get new clients. A thank you card is a great way to show you appreciate the referral.

 A thinking of you card could be sent if you find a property for a client or as a follow up or reminder.

A thank you card could be sent by you to your customer after they have purchased from you or after you have showed them a property.

 A Holiday card sent to your customer to show them you are thinking about them during the holidays.

 For further information and a complimentary trial card, contact:


Have a wonderful day.

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Rita Minion
O'Brien Realty - Solomons, MD

Hello Rima,

Thank you for your post and the helpful information.  Seems like an easy to use system that could certainly enhance business.  I will definitely check it out.  Thanks for sharing!  Have a great holiday weekend!



Sep 05, 2009 01:49 AM