FDIC Prepares To Open Failed Bank Office Next Month In Florida

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Federal regulators are staffing up for next month's scheduled opening of what is poised to be a 500-person bank failure and asset sales office in Florida.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, which insures individual accounts up to $250,000, plans to open a "temporary" east coast office on Jacksonville's south side of town in September.

"Throughout its history, the FDIC has used these offices to keep temporary asset resolution staff closer to the concentration of failed bank assets they oversee," according to an FDIC statement. "As the work diminishes, the temporary satellite offices are closed."

Industry watchers expect a surge of bank failures to occur in Florida in the upcoming months as the sunshine state is one of the hardest hit real estate markets yet only six of the 94 FDIC institutions to fail since January 2008 have been headquartered in Florida.

By comparison, neighboring Georgia leads the nation in bank failures with 21 seizures, or 22 percent of the overall total closings, since 2008, according to Condo Vultures® LLC research based on FDIC data.

The FDIC's satellite office is viewed by many industry watchers as further proof that a series of Florida bank failures is imminent in the upcoming months. The FDIC is not dispelling the speculation.

"You put the office as close to the bulk of your work," FDIC spokesman David Barr told CondoVultures.com.

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