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I don't know if passing the 63 hr real estate course has made me that much more smarter but a couple of individuals think so. I just finished a meeting with the owner of the bar I run and he has put my idea of turning the restaurant next door to us into that 50's diner i told him would bring more traffic to our bar. With the economy down and people saving every penny I find when people do wanna spend money they are gravitating to these burgers places ie. comfort food spots so lets put a hole in the wall buy a couple of pool tables an old juke box and instead of being just a bar open from 10 pm to 4am I can be open 24 hrs a day,benefiting off of breakfast ,lunch and dinner. That's one idea that's has good potential of becoming a reality and then there's the ice cream store. My sons mothers family runs and owns ice cream stores in the Caribbean. Since I just put my family back together after a 3 yr break we wanted to have a family business and why not an ice cream store , everyone loves ice cream and our brand name is even Lovers. Well today Joann calls me and says its a go so i have to start looking for a spot for the store.i haven't even told my real estate mentor that I have something for us to start working on, he should be pleased. I did sign up online today to get my finger prints processed tomorrow and hopefully I can receive a test date to take the state exam. I cant wait to get that exam out of the way, it sits on my mind every day.Atleast today I'm holding my head high because my future seems to be working out just fine........

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Oct 02, 2017 06:13 PM