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In a market with many foreclosures it is sometomes hard for a neighbor to get their Homes Value unless you their home stands out.  here are a few basics for you to consider:

1.  Do not think of this as your home any longer.  This is a business deal and you want to get a buyer quickly.

2.  Remove all ersonal items such as walls full of family pictures.

2.  Paint your home in nuetral colors.  A home full of different colors does not show flow.  Buyers eyes do not move easily if they feel like they are in a crayola box.

4.  Less is better.... If you have a lot of furniture clean out the clutter.  Buyers need to see space and the more furniture you have the less likely they are to picture how their belongs will fit in a room.  Not to mention the more you have the smaller a room looks

5.  Make sure your yard is clean and has good curb appeal.  Clean leaves, flower beds, keep grass trimmed and trim shrubbery.  If you have no color in your yard get some.  Even in the fall and winter you can plant ornemental plants like cabbage and kale that give color in the winter.

6.  Give your windowes a facelift.  get rid of the old pull doen blinds and replace them with faux wood blinds. Remove old curtains. With blinds you don't heavy window treatments.


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Larry Bergstrom
Crescent Realty, Inc. Spanaway, WA. - Spanaway, WA

Great ideas Stephanie. It conveys the idea that you're actually going to sell their house, not just put it on the market to see if someones interested.

Oct 31, 2009 12:39 PM