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I am one of the founding brokers of Seller's Realty Group www.selllersrealtygroup.com and would like to welcome everyone to our view of how Seller's should be handled.

Firstly, I would like to say that we are neither a discount broker or internet company. We are simply the evolution of specialised real estate services.

Our company is equally focused on being the best way to sell a home, and being the best place for an agent to work.

We are by nature small teams (mostly all brokers) who are skilled in Pricing, Marketing and Negotiating. We work on a rotation which allows us to have a life outside of Real Estate, while ensuring that all of our clients are recieving 100% of the attention from who is on duty.

We take full advantage of the abundance of technology available to the real estate industry, from smart phones/slideshows/blogs and MLS's.

We are a NJ based company with our HQ located in Princeton. We currently have agents servicing the needs of seller's North to Montgomery/Hillsborough, East to Freehold, West to the River and South to Cherry Hill. An area loosely considered "Greater Princeton"

We are working on adding more areas and are currently talking with a few different people about franchise opportunities both within and outside of New Jersey.

I welcome anyone to visit our site and comment on the services we are offering. It is our goal to be everything a seller looks for when selling thier home.

When establishing our business protocols our focus was on providing every service a seller expects from thier broker, and adding everything else that brokers would typically do when selling thier own home. We also added a few extra features like our unique custom designed signage that actually advertise your home to buyers....opposed to the traditional sign that does little more than advertise your AGENT to other SELLERS.

There are contact froms built into the website for anyone who wants more information about our services or about franchise opportunities. Or you can simply email us at info@sellersrealtygroup.com


** Be sure to try our HOME SEARCH FEATURE www.SellersRealtyGroup.com/MLS.php which lets you simply zoom in on a neighbourhood to see what is available. Simply zoom out or scroll left or right to check out neighboring streets. It is fantastic to use once you find an area you like and simply want to see more homes close by.


Troy Carter


Seller's Realty Group

Hq 212 Carnegie Center, Suite 206

Princeton NJ, 08540

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