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The Sound of the Shoals - Part 1 - Intro

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The Sound of the Shoals - Part 1 - Intro

Welcome Sign in Muscle Shoals - Joshua Pettus - Home Grown Real Estate
A few days ago I received an interesting tip. I was encouraged to begin using my Home Grown Real Estate blog to post about our local area. At first I thought it was a little silly to do so, but then I realized that I absolutely love our local history. I enjoy studying about the things that happened here, and I love telling people about it. I know my wife probably gets tired of hearing all the same stories over and over, but I just love telling them! I decided that the most interesting thing that I could write about would be the history of the recording industry of the Shoals Area.

The Sound of the Shoals

Why? Well, its interesting! So many people here have very little knowledge of the huge influence our little corner of the world had (and still has) on music. Sure, people here tend to have a general knowledge that some music was recorded here, but what exactly happened here that was so significant? Was it really as important as they claim it was?

Simply put, YES!

While at UNA, I had the assignment of writing a research paper on "something important that has happened in the history of our area." I love music, so naturally I wanted to choose something that I could take interest in, and could enjoy learning and writing about. So, I chose to write about the history of our recording industry.

What you'll be reading for the next few posts will be modified excerpts from that research paper. I've lost the Works Cited page, so even though I have notes of my sources within the paper, I no longer know exactly where they all came from. Sorry about that! It was never my intention to plagiarize or to not give credit where credit was due.

One source I did use just happens to be on Google Books is Music Fell on Alabama by C. S. Fuqua. This may be found HERE. It was an excellent read, and a major source for this paper. Another great source that got the whole process started was a story that aired on NPR back in September 2003. It discussed how the Muscle Shoals Sound studio was up for sale at the time, and had some great interviews that talked about the history of the recording industry here. That story can be heard HERE.

I hope you enjoy this series, and I hope it opens your eyes to the fact that there was more that happened here than what you've been told your entire life growing up.

And so now I present to you
-The Sound of the Shoals-

Please feel free to discuss any interesting stories you know below in the comments.


Joshua B. Pettus
Home Grown Real Estate

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