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       Homes sales in Berks County have been steadily increasing over the past few months. The average time a home has been up for sale in Berks County has been 120 + days and even that has improved to 90 days. Overall, Berks County has made it through most of the economic downturn without effects seen in most parts of the country.

  2009  3rd Quarter Results

      area            /    zipcode     /   number sold /        days on market     /      average price

  Birdsbiro              19508              41                           156                           $180,900

  Blandon               19510              25                            92                            $185,900

  Boyertown            19512              46                            78                            $183,100

  Douglassville        19518              39                            76                            $232.900

  Fleetwood            19522              32                            97                             $211,800

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