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I'm completely shocked I have been trying to get a hold of a short sale client for the last two weeks trying to get a copy a Mortgage statement. I haven't heard anything at all so last week I call him and leave him a message stating again that the short sale process doesn't  work if we don't have any communication. So I get an email from him yesterday stating that since he has signed for a short sale that some people have informed him that you might still owe even after doing a short sale keep in mind I gave him a pre-short sale packet and multiple disclosures stating this guess he must not have read them. So he states that this information came from some one who knows the law and someone with a common knowledge of short. My first question was is the attorney you are talking to a Real Estate attorney he states I don't know, OK fine I suggest going to a Real Estate attorney an my next comment was there is no such thing as common knowledge you either know or you don't, this so called person with common knowledge states to him that even if you get approved for HAFA you can still owe money. Now I'm sorry I spend alot of time and alot of money to learn what I have so when some one happens to watch to much CNN and starts misinforming clients that cause me problems it is very irritating. Any way my client decides the best way to handle this is to not talk to me until they hear from there lawyer I don't really understand this makes no since to me as I'm trying to help you get out of a bad situation. Yes it is true you may owe some money but it is going to be a heck of a lot less them foreclosure if all the papers that where sent weeks before you signed wouldnt have an issue. So not to sure if I handled it right but I informed him that there are alot of people that need my help and I cant deal with him giving me the run around on paper work when time is running out you have on your home and that if I didn't get what I needed to continue I was going to drop his file. It may have been wrong but I need to focus my attentions on files that actually want to avoid a foreclosure.

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