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What's holding you back from having what you want? Is it fear of the unknown? Money anxiety? Job security worries? Are you unsure about being able to sell your current home? In my experience it's very true that "there's nothing to fear, but fear itself." Just take a chance and go for it!

Many people are still afraid that buying a home is a gamble rather than a safe investment right now but, in this market, you can't lose. Interest rates are at 4% and home prices are incredibly low. Also, remember that there have always been ups and downs. Your home's value will increase with time.

Money anxiety is also a problem for many buyers. Whether you fear not being able to qualify for the loan you want, or are unsure of how much to budget for home payments every month, there's always an answer to your questions. Why worry when some simple calculations can bring you one step closer to your dreams?

All of the press about bad loans has made it easy to forget that buying a home can be very good for you financially. Rental prices are increasing while home prices have decreased, so buying a home often means spending less money a month while building equity with every mortgage payment. There are also many possible tax deductions for homeowners, including your mortgage interest and property taxes

If you're already a homeowner you may be worried about being unable to sell your current home in order to get into the one you really want. The fact is, that people always need homes and that the market is still moving. If you want a new home, you have nothing to lose when you list your current home. Both you and your potential buyers have dreams to realize and are motivated to move forward.

When you feel afraid of all of the unknown parts of buying a home, remember how many other times you've felt fear and still moved forward. Your first day of school, your first time driving and your first job interview all seemed scary at the time, but they were steps you needed to take. One of the great things about buying a home is that there are knowledgeable experts to tell you everything you need to know about home prices and the mortgage process. Take advantage of all of this knowledge and there doesn't need to be any fear of the unknown.

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Jessica Leimback
Agave Homes & Investments - Mesa, AZ

Greay article. I have similar experiences. Although it may be slightly different here in Gilbert, AZ. Still, we are all in the same boat. I hope for your continued success and if you ever want to bounce ideas off of each other, let me know. I am just an email away. Keep up the great blogging!!!!

Nov 05, 2010 09:55 AM