The Pet Impact... Looking for Pet Freindly Rentals or Condo Buildings in Miami?

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I often talk to renters who are looking for pet friendly condos in Brickell or South Beach!  Worry not, they are out there!  39% of all households in the US have a dog as a part of their family based on US Census statistics!  As a landlord when I was renting out my property I had to consider what portion of the population I would simply be cutting out of my eligible tenant pool if I didn't accept pets.  Obviously as a renter you need to be a responsible pet owner and abide by condo association guidelines as well as city regulations such as cleaning up after your pets!  Many pet friendly condos in Brickell and South Beach feature tiled or marble flooring surfaces making it much easier to clean up, which is both a benefit for the tenant and the landlord.  Remember that it is customary for additional deposit or pet fee charges to be assessed either by the landlord or condo association, so don't be sticker shocked when signing your lease or at closing, be certain to get the facts up front.  And for those that are considering a pet... Remember options for pet adoption and save a life by reaching out to your local humane society or animal rescue!  In Miami Dade county visit for locations near you to adopt a pet.  If you are looking for a pet friendly condo or house for purchase or rental in the Brickell, South Miami Beach, Downtown or Midtown Miami, or anywhere in South Florida reach out to me at 321-662-5277!  

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