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Today is an interesting almost "debateable" topic of whether or not people should take advantage of privacy trees, fences or both. 

Fences are nice, and they get the job done for the most part, but they aren't always nice-looking and do require maintenance every five years or so.  My fence can't even keep our dogs in our yard!  Those dogs are escape artists!

Now I also have privacy trees, and they were started by the former owner of this house.  I like them a lot more than I initally suspected.  About 10 years ago, someone bought the piece of land immediately behind our house and built a large 2 story colonial.  Thankfully, because of our privacy trees, we cann see the house at all and the backyard still feels personal!  These trees can get expensive too, especially if they do not take when you plant them.  We have only had that happen in one part of our yard, but it still looks fine.

Now, I don't have a yard with just privacy trees and now fence, but I can imagine I wouldn't like it.  Especially with my dogs being able to get of our fenced yard easily, I just know an unfenced yard would not work out very well!  However, for someone who does not have animals, this might be a very nice touch!

What do you guys think would make your backyard the nicest personal area for you and your household?

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Michael McGavisk

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Harry F. D'Elia III
RentVest - Phoenix, AZ
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I lived on the east coast with no fences between neighbors. We had privacy trees and/or bushes. That was nice. I live on the West coast where there is a fence for everything. I do not like it.

Apr 26, 2011 02:25 AM

I think everyone's needs are different. For people with pets or children or both there is nothing like the secure feeling of a fenced area.  Privacy trees are great for blocking unwanted views like a busy road or business. Having both can give privacy and security.  The cons are both need maintance and can be costly.  Also, when people dont keep them maintained it can be an eye sore for the neighbors on each side.  To many fences on a hilly neighborhood can look like a maze of fencing.  At least now they do make maintance free fencing but it is costly.

Apr 26, 2011 03:04 AM