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For the last two days, I had the opportunity to RENT-A-KID.  And I am a happy customer.  My basement went from junk room to nearly organized and completely useable.  You still don't understand the concept of rent-a-kid?  

By way of history, I remember a time that I was convinced my parents had 4 kids so that they could have indentured servants to do all of the household errands that they had no interest in doing.  Set the table, clean-up the dishes, wash the pots and pans, do the weeding, wash the windows, do our own laundry,vacuum, dust, rake leaves, shovel walkways.  Sadly as children, we all would prefer doing these chores if they weren't for own family, especially if we were being paid. 

Ah, the big idea came to me in a flash.  It's spring cleaning season.  Those chores where we have to clean and organize like decluttering the basement and the attic, or filing that huge pile of papers so that we can get to them easily, or even doing the gardening.  So, I told a friend of mine about my idea and she immediately presented me with her twin teenage boys who of course would love to make some money.  This would work for me because it wouldn't allow me to to procrastinate anymore.  It's a difficult thing to do to get rid of papers and memorabilia and children never have attachments to things.  When I was a kid, I didn't attach to things other than those I was using at the present time.

These boys were great they got right to opening the boxes of stuff and started unwrapping.  I had purchased plastic containers and each container had a purpose.  Containers were categorized like:  photos, business stationery, office supplies, sheets, towels, toiletries.  If the material was damaged or dated before 2007, it went into the garbage.  Boxes and garbage bags full of weighty material were going into garbage.  The oldest material dated was as far back as 1987 and was unnecessary paperwork.     

After 6.5 hours each of the two days of lugging material from one container to another and finding places for those things that were looked for, an organized neat usable room emerged.  A heavy weight was lifted.  Rent-A-Kid is so worth it!  You develop new relationships and it helps to whittle down the Honey do list.  Who do you know that can help you with a long overdo household project.  And if you're getting ready to sell a home, this is a great way to do some prepacking and decluttering! 


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