Clarksville's housing market economic health review Oct 10, 2007

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As a service I like to collect the data of the community to give an economic health report for the housing market in Clarksville TN. Here is the most recent development.

10/10/2007 According to the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle more than 7,000 division soldiers have already deployed to the Middle East, with a total of 10,500 expected to eventually land in Iraq to take over from other units already there.

In January, about 5,000 soldiers of the division headquarters, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade and other support units will deploy to Afghanistan.

Sales are still steady but have declined from recent fast expansion of the market to what is considered a more normal market. With the contraction of sales I expect to see some of our fellow agents leave the industry as the correction continues.

Mortgage Rates:

Aug 07             6.875
Sept. 07           6.875
Oct 07             6.125

Existing Single Family Homes Sales              New Single Family Homes Sales

July 07             337      ↓                                  July 07             99        ↓
Aug 07             326      ↓                                  Aug 07             97        ↓
Sep 07             226      ↓                                  Sep 07             81        ↓

Montgomery County Building Permits           City of Clarksville Building Permits

July 07             33        ↔                                July 07              82        ↓
Aug 07             34        ↑                                  Aug 07             48        ↓
Sep 07             21        ↓                                  Sep 07             28        ↓

The declining number reflects the Builders activity in anticipation of the Fort Campbell deployments.

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