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Today was very sweet. If we all think about our 1st place. Most of us would have horrifying stories to tell, but none of that could have masked the love we felt towards our 1st place because, it was OUR FIRST PLACE. I am also sure we would have great stories on how we were able to finance our 1st place. I went through our states First Time Home Buyer class to qualify for a loan. The place I wanted had been abandoned by the owner. Leaves and trash were what you stepped on when you first walked in. There were gaping holes in the wall from the pipes bursting. But I loved it!

Today I was on a listing appointment in a more modest section of town. A cute little house, which for my client had been her first home with her 3 kids on a single moms salary. Not much has been done on the house, but she kept it in the best condition she could working full time and raising 3 kids. As she was showing us around today, we could just tell that all the cute little defects that she thought were "charming" when she bought the place, now had her feeling a little embarrassed.

We reasurred her that the place was great and not to be embarrassed it is what it is, which will be another great starter home for a new family.

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