Crazy "Winter" Weather

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This is's January 5th in Iowa...and todays high is going to be in the 50's?  Don't get me wrong...I think it's great!  Perfect for removing the Christmas decorations and having it all put away til next year without having to worry about frostbite!  However, I think we're on borrowed time.  Next weeks forecast calls for a return to normal below freezing temeratures.  So I wanted to share a quick post on some plumbing tips for your home during the cold months.



Water damage caused by bursting pipes during cold weather can be devastating. A ruptured pipe will release water and not stop until someone shuts off the water. If no one is home to do this, an enormous quantity of water can flood a house and cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage. Even during very small ruptures or ruptures that are stopped quickly, water leakage can result in mold and property damage. Broken water pipes can be costly to repair.

  • All exposed water pipes in cold areas, such as attics, garages, and crawlspaces, should be insulated. Foam or fiberglass insulation can be purchased at most hardware stores.  Insulation should cover the entirety of a pipe.
  • Plastic is more tolerant of cold expansion than copper or steel. Houses in colder climates might benefit from the exclusive use of approved plastic plumbing. 
  • Water supply for exterior pipes should be shut off from inside the house and then drained.
  • Sprinkler systems are particularly vulnerable to cracking due to cold-weather expansion. In addition to turning them, it helps to purge the system of any remaining water with compressed air.
  • Homeowners should be aware that much of the plumbing system travels through areas that are significantly colder than the rest of the house. Because it is impossible to monitor the temperature of every portion of the plumbing system, indoor air temperature should be kept high enough throughout the winter to keep pipes in any unheated places from freezing.


The temp just went up another degree on my weather app!  I'm headed outside to enjoy this while I still can!



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Good reminder to those who haven't already acted prudently!

Jan 05, 2012 05:10 AM