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Citrus Isles Fort Lauderdale

Of the 17 waterfront properties sold in the Citrus Isles since the January 2010 historical low ($2,867/WFft) only two properties have closed below $4,000/WFft; and the average of these 17 sales ($5,304/WFft) is 45% higher than the historical low.  The three pending sales average $5,968/WFft, discounts continue to dwindle, and of the current 14 listings (average $7,326/WFft) only four properties are priced below the post-historical low-average.  Now property value has a long way to go to get back to the historical high--$15,227/WFft) made in August 2008--but market activity has been fair during the past six months: 11 new listings, seven closings.  Details at...

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