Some Recommendations to Follow Before Calling a Photographer

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Before you bring a photographer to place some photos of your property or listing  on the Internet ask yourself some questions.


·         Are you trying to make your property or listing more appealing to possible buyers?


·         Where should I invest some money to make this happen?


·         Should I hire a professional decorator?


·         What could I do myself to make the property more appealing?


The first thing to work on is curb appeal,


1.      Hire a company that can work on your front yard to make it more attractive or at least mow the lawn two or three days before the photographer comes to take the pictures.


2.      Invest some money and paint the front of the house and take care of any place inside the property that requires some maintenance.


Then the work inside your property just started


1.      Place as many bright lamps as possible. Remember you can always place back your saving lamps after the photographer has taken the pictures.


2.      Check that all the curtains work so the windows can allow the outside light to come in.


3.      If you have some extra money you can hire a professional decorator, but this  is expensive.


The most important task you have to accomplish is de-cluttering…


What is meant by this?  You do not need to become crazy and move out, just follow this little list of recommendations before your photographer appointment is due.


1. You do not have to remove all your family photos, but is you have your hallways filled with them or your photos cover every end table it is necessary. The possible buyers will be distracted by them. As they look at your house they will be thinking on the sellers instead of the property.


2. Your personal papers should be out of sight. Take some time to organize them. High definition photos can allow your personal information to be read on the Internet.


3. If you have cash, cash boxes or coin jars sitting out in the open... put them away. It's looks better for everyone if it's out of sight. As photographers we will like to remind you that some people will come and visit your home and regretfully we cannot vouch for their honesty. Keep all your valuables out of sight so they stay out of mind. Antiques and works of art should be removed from your property or placed where people do not see them.  If buyers don't know they are there they won't think about them.


4. Remove any display of guns from your home before the photographer comes buy. These displays make buyers think your neighborhood is insecure.


5. Put shoes or any item that gives the impression of lack of storage away. A pile of shoes or a lot of clothe hanging from a perch will make the buyer think that there is not enough storage in your home. So, just put them away.


6. Remove everything from you kitchen counter. Every object on the counter is giving the appearance that you do not have enough storage space. The cleaner you can leave the counter, the more buyers dream of being in there. How about a cleaned up kitchen? Would you like to spend time there?


7. Remove everything from your fridge. You have a doubt just take a photo of it before and after taking everything off. It is really refreshing to walk into a home that has a clean fridge. Anything that you allow to stay will become a distraction or a potential hazard if there is some kind of personal information on those papers.


There are many more ways to de-clutter a home before our photographers pay your home a visit, but these are some important things to consider. Please be considerate our photographers do not have the time to be moving your items around, their next appointment is waiting for them. If you need more information on how to prepare your listing at Miami Dade or Broward counties Florida before our photographer comes by do not hesitate to contact us at (305) 331 8960 or send us a message.

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Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

Hire a photographer is crazy when you should be taking the shots that matter the most, shooting the video you edit to do the story telling. 

Feb 07, 2012 10:28 PM

Dear Andrew, If you are such a good photographer and you have a lot of free time you should definitively do what you recommend. But are you a realtor shouldn't you dedicate yourself to do what you do the bestsell houses. If you try yourvirtual tour providers you will learn that our services will help you increase your business and tell a better story about your listings.


Feb 08, 2012 08:10 PM