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Greetings everyone!  I have been following this forum for quite a while now and this is my first posting to offer my services.  My name is Marla Rucker and I am a property consultant here in Panama.  I work for a company called Cpanama Real Estate Corp, and our office is on Balboa avenue right here in the heart of Panama City.  I know that many of you are using the internet as a tool to research a possible move to Panama, and some are even considering investing down here.  I can tell you that now is a great time to invest, but the process can be a bit daunting.  There are literally hundreds of real estate agents out there, and some are not as professional as others.  I would like to offer my services to anyone that has any questions about the investment climate down here, what to watch out for, and really any type of inquiry whatsoever! 


Warmest Regards,


Marla Rucker

Real Estate Advisor
Cpanama Real Estate Corp.


+1 (507) 223-6197 (Office)
+1 (888) 272-6261 (Toll Free)

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