Buyers Decide Within 8 Seconds Whether They Are Interested In A Home

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We all THANK Barbara for this as it seems that sellers think that with a little stability in the market in the northeast, the boom times are back. A seller must PRESENT their home for sale in the best possible light. (If you are selling your car don't you at least have it washed before someone comes to see it!?!). Buying a home continues to be highly, highly influenceed by emotions and first emotions are amon the strongest. Stage (Present) your home so it shows its best qualities to the public (even if yo have to sepnd some moolah to do it) and you will get top dollar in the shoprtest period of time.

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joliet il remax realtorI am a huge fan of Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran. Barbara is a Real Estate Contributor on NBC's Today show and the wonderful addition to ABC's Shark Tank. Per Barbara:


I'm not surprised by this at all. It's the first impression when walking in and hearing "Wow, this is cute" or "Ugh, what is that smell?" pretty much sums of the next few minutes of the tour of that home.

I always tell my buyers that they will know when they walk in if this is their home or not. If they aren't feeling it within the first 10 seconds, let's move on. They never believe me... AT FIRST. But usually by the 4th house they agree that they know pretty much immediately if they are interested or not when walking in the door.

So buyers pretty much know. Sellers - remember that! That first impression (or at least the first 8 seconds) can decide whether the buyer is interested in your home!

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