Where Should I Live in Miami Beach?

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So you're on the hunt for Miami Beach real estate?  Though you can easily drive the entire island, north to south, in about 20 minutes (without traffic of course), the Miami Beach real estate market is really packed with different communities, with a very diverse field of housing options.  In this small area, buyers can find great Miami Beach high-rise condominiums, mid-rise boutique buildings, oceanfront Miami Beach condos, bayfront Miami Beach condos, inland options, and even spectacular Miami Beach single family homes for sale

Your preference in these housing styles is the first step to finding the right area.  If luxury high-rises are what you are looking for then your top two areas to consider should be South Beach condos and Bal Harbour condos.  These two markets really offer the best options for incredible amenities and the ultimate in luxury living.  Another notable area for luxury high-rises is Mid Beach, also known as Millionaire's Row.  If mid-rise buildings are more your speed, then the best bet by far is to look into Surfside condos for sale.  This great town is full of affordable boutique buildings right on the ocean.  This is also the place to go for Miami Beach condos if you are more of a homebody than a party-goer.  Oceanfront condos for sale in Miami Beach can really be found throughout the island, including condos for sale in South Beach and condos for sale in Bal Harbour.  The area with the most inland (and obviously more affordable) options is South Beach, as the island is much wider at its southern portion. 

Single family houses for sale in Miami Beach are sprinkled throughout the main land, primarily in the middle of the island, with fantastic neighborhoods like Indian Creek or Pine Tree Drive houses.  They are also largely separated on individual islands, such as Star Island real estate, or houses for sale in Venetian Islands.  These areas tend to be quite expensive.  If you would like a Miami Beach house for sale, without the extraordinary price tags, then check out Surfside houses for sale.  These are usually much older, but are definitely more affordable than other areas. 

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