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It's Getting a Little Weird Out There (and where's the loyalty?)

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Hey guys, as a long time (sort of) veteran, yes, I was around when we used MLS books, I'm seeing so much change out there and it's getting hard to keep up!  I can't imagine how the part timers do it, or those without assistants.  Every day starts at the crack of dawn (and then the dog starts snorting and whining) which puts me on the move usually by 4:30am - seriously.  The gym in my garage is calling by 5:30 (although my treadmill blew a gasket today after the workout I gave it this morning, so maybe I can sleep til 6 tomorrow?) and the iPad and iPhone are in action the whole time.  People ask all the time, "Did you really email me at 5am?" - yes I did!

So why do I always feel lately like I've run out of day before I run out of steam?  Dropping into bed at 9pm asking "what happened?" is getting old!

There's just so much to do, so many details to attend, so many people to answer.... the internet is great and all, but how can you possibly manage every single person that wants info or to chat about the market?  My favorite is the couple who wants to talk for an hour because they are "thinking about moving to Florida is three or four years" - AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, yes, let's talk all day!

So how's a busy Realtor to cope?  Do we turn people away? Refer them?  I mean, let's face it, we can't help everyone even if we want to.  And then there's the loyalty thing.  It seems most buyers will sign on the dotted line for anyone breathing that hands them a business card with a logo on it.  It almost feels like they just don't care if their real estate professional actually knows what they are talking about any more.  Could it be?

Anyway, I'm curious to hear any thoughts on time management, good scripts, etc that can help us make this fun again.  Yeah, at 100 transactions a year it's fun cashing checks, but it would be nice to feel like when you go that extra mile to help someone that they actually appreciate it, too, not just run off to the next ding dong who will show them a house.

OK, rant over  :)    I'm going to the bank, with much appreciation to my loyal clients who I love and love me back!

Barbara Altieri
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Kelly -- You can only do so much before you drive yourself .... and others ... nuts.  I have referred a lot out.  No need to turn them away. Just get them into the hands of someone who would take care of them the same way you do.  BTW, what's up with Glenn Beck?

Aug 26, 2012 01:19 PM