Free Green Debris Disposal in Calvert County

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You can dispose of green and tree debris from Hurricane Sandy for free in Calvert County at the Appeal and Barstow Landfills throughout November.In an effort to help area residents recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Calvert County residents can dispose of their tree and other green debris at two landfills throughout the county. The Appeal Landfill in Lusby and the Barstow Landfill in Barstow will be accepting debris from 7am to 5pm throughout the entire month of November absolutely free of charge. From December 1st on, only the Appeal Landfill will be accepting refuse at a rate of $67.23 per ton.

What constitutes tree/green debris for Calvert County landfills? Leaves, trees, tree limbs, branches, brush, shrubs, etc. All debris must be brought to the landfill unbagged. Any commercial vehicles carrying tree/green debris will be diverted to the Appeal Landfill, where they will be charged a commercial rate for disposal. The free disposal only refers to Calvert County household clean-up that is unbagged.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the free green debris disposal in Calvert County, please call (410) 326-0210 or email You can also get more information by visiting the Calvert County government website. I certainly hope that your family stayed safe during Hurricane Sandy and am thankful to the county for providing this small bit of relief during the cleanup.


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