Creative Businesses Flourish in Lewiston-Auburn Maine!

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Creative Businesses in the Lewiston Auburn Maine Area

Maybe it is the water, or maybe it is the clean air, but something spurs on the success of creative and unique businesses here in the Lewiston - Auburn area of Central Maine.  Here is just a sample of some of the thriving businesses in our area!

Harriman Associates Architects & Engineers - 1 Auburn Business Park, Auburn (Designers of community projects such as the new Auburn Hall and Bates College's Carnegie Science Building)

Platz Associates - Great Falls Plaza, Auburn (Designers of the Bates Mill redevelopment, the Business Service Center, and several of the area's beautiful parking garages)

In-Depth Archaeology - 382 College Street, Lewiston (One of the reMunroe Inn 2.jpggions few archaeologists)

Ware Street Inn - 52 Ware Street, Lewiston/Munroe Inn, 123 Pleasant Street, Auburn (If you've tasted Ware Street owner Jan Barrett's breakfasts or Munroe co-owner Connie Zimmerman's full-course dinners, you'll be a true believer in culinary art)

McIntosh & Tuttle Cabinetmakers - 41 Chestnut Street, Lewiston (Cabinetry as functional art)

Fishbones - Bates Mill Complex, Lewiston (Seafood as art)

Dore's Café - 20 Union Street, Auburn (Try a pastry and hear the muses sing)

Massage therapists - ( I'm not selecting any single one, but consider the magic fingers that work out the week's tension and stress)

Plantasia Florals - 144 Main Street, Auburn (Granted, God deserves credit too, but spouses everywhere are indebted to these artists who masterfully blend color and fragrance to cast a spell or break a curse on many a relationship)

Creative Forensic Services - 11 Elmwood Road, Auburn (Arlo West's creative detective work is used for audio recovery for crime cases)

Encompass Marketing & Design - 162 Main Street, Auburn (Love them or hate them, ad agencies make us pay attention to people, places, and things; this Auburn firm is really good at it)

Belle Decorating - 3 Bosse Street, Lewiston (Talk about creative: Michelle Davis will redesign a living room or family room by rearranging your home's existing furniture and accessories)

Landscaping companies - (I can't vouch for any particular one, but landscaping is nothing short of using the earth to convey a sense of space)

It's Magic - 117 Gamage Avenue, Auburn (Bob Nixon does magic at public events and private parties - hard to argue magic isn't art)

Katahdin Music Works - (John Stass offers custom-made music stands with some of the most elegant wood I've ever seen)

The Maine Bucket Company - Fireslate Place, Lewiston (Big buckets, small buckets, popcorn pails, interlocking display stands - these guys have built quite a business on functional wood)

New England School of Metalwork - 22 Albiston Way, Auburn (A subsidiary of MaineOxy, they teach welders how to be master blacksmiths)

Penmor Lithographers, 8 Lexington Street - Lewiston (A quality printer can make a good brochure a stunning one, and these folks make brochures come to life)

Maine Proofreading Services - 55 Lisbon Street, Lewiston (When you read a good book, you may heap praise on the author, but it's often the proofreader that helps make that paragraph clear or memorable)

Coastal T-shirts - 194 Turner Street, Auburn; Action Printing, 41 Chestnut Street, Lewiston (It's art on your back)

Neokraft Sign Co. - 686 Main Street, Lewiston (They make logos and artwork come to life on walls, street corners, and signposts)

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