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Hollywood FL Real Estate Home Loans

 Hollywood FL home buyers should know the many advantages of the FHA mortgage loan programs. FHA loans were created to help increase home ownership. For the Florida home buyer the FHA program can simplify the purchase of a home, making financing easier and less expensive than a conventional mortgage loan product. Some highlights of the Florida FHA loan program include:

  • Minimal Down Payment and Closing costs.
  • Down payment less than 3% of Sales Price Gifts are allowed
  • Seller can credit up to 6% of sales price towards closing and prepaid costs.
  • 100% Financing available
  • No reserves required.
  • FHA regulated closing costs.


  • Easier Credit Qualifying Guidelines such as:
    • No minimum FICO score or credit score requirements.
    • FHA will allow a home purchase 1 year after a Bankruptcy.
    • FHA will allow a home purchase 2 years after a Foreclosure.

 To take advantage of the FHA program in Florida, give us a call 1-800-570-0448 or use our quick application to find out more about the many FL mortgage programs we can make available. Or Apply now for a FL FHA home loan.

 When you decide to apply for a Hollywood FL home loan through 1st Continental Mortgage, you're dealing with experienced full-time Hollywood FL mortgage lending professionals who know Hollywood FL real estate. We offer a huge assortment of Hollywood FL mortgage programs built around Florida home buyers and homeowners.

Whether you're buying a first Hollywood FL home using our great Hollywood FL FHA mortgage program or refinancing a home you already own using traditional Florida mortgage financing, nothing helps more than having a seasoned Florida mortgage lender working hard to make your dreams a reality.

As a well established and seasoned Hollywood Florida mortgage business, 1st Continental Mortgage and our employees are far from being the new kids on the Hollywood FL home loan block. Established in 1997, 1st Continental Mortgage has delivered low Hollywood FL mortgage rates, great terms, and on time real estate closing to Florida mortgage clients for a decade. Why not give us a call today or use our convenient quick application to see what we can accomplish together!

Superior Hollywood FL Home Loan Solutions

Here is what three of our recent Hollywood FL home lending clients had to say about the Hollywood FL Mortgage financing they received from us.

"As first time Hollywood FL Home Buyers, we were not sure what to expect from a Hollywood FL mortgage company. Tom and 1st Continental Mortgage made applying and getting pre-approved for our FHA loan simple. Tom was very thorough in explaining our loan options and staying in touch with us from start to finish. We're happy to recommend him to anyone needing a home loan."

Janice - Hollywood FL

"I needed to Refinance my Hollywood FL home right away to stop Foreclosure. Tom at 1st Continental Mortgage provided excellent service and extremely fast turnaround for my Hollywood FL refinance. Tom saved my home and I simply can't thank him enough!"

David - Hollywood FL, Florida

"Our bank wouldn't finance the Hollywood FL manufactured home we wanted, but Tom at 1st Continental mortgage matched us with a very affordable Hollywood FL FHA loan. It was nice dealing with a Florida lender that actually made getting the loan a pleasant experience. Thank you Tom! We had almost given up on buying that country home!"

Dianna&Michael - Hollywood FL

Give us a call 1-800-570-0448 or use our quick application to find out more about the many Hollywood FL programs we can make available.

A Florida Mortgage Lender With Access
To The Best Florida Mortgage Financing

Many people go directly to their local bank when it's time to get a Florida mortgage. They don't think too much about it: a mortgage is a mortgage, right? In fact, the fees charged, skill, and relevant experience of Hollywood FL loan officers differs dramatically.

But, equally important, heading right for the local bank or credit union could be a costly mistake! Why? The fact is, it may limit you to only the loans offered by them.

As a Hollywood FL Mortgage Lender, 1st Continental Hollywood FL Mortgage can readily act as Hollywood FL mortgage broker and match you with the best Florida mortgage financing programs from hundreds of lenders. We are an independent mortgage lender and beyond our own offerings, we can shop the pick of many Florida lenders for the best rates and terms for your Hollywood FL mortgage financing in Hollywood FL or any of the other Florida cities that we serve. Further, unlike the local bank or credit union, we don't close up shop at 4:30. We have the dedication to personal client service that many big banks proclaim but fail to deliver.

We are a Hollywood FL Mortgage Business with a Serious Commitment to Customer Service!

Every Hollywood FL mortgage lender's website promises that they provide outstanding customer service, but few of them ever bother to tell you specifically what that promise means.

What is good Hollywood FL customer service?

It's All About Your Hollywood FL home loan!

  • Good service on your Hollywood FL home loan begins with respect. We'll ask the right questions and listen so that we understand your short and long term financial objectives before we ever recommend a particular mortgage program.
  • Successful Hollywood FL mortgage service means being able to demonstrate the long-term costs of different mortgages and spell out the advantages and drawbacks in plain English. Whether you are a seasoned Investor seeking a Florida 100% financing loan in St. Petersburg, or a first time home buyer looking for the security of a government insured FHA mortgage in Hollywood FL, we will spell out the options and their full costs clearly.
  • Good mortgage service means being responsive and available. Some Hollywood FL mortgage businesses make you wade through a complex voice mail system or negotiate a multi-department maze to get answers on your Hollywood FL home loan financing. Not 1st Continental Hollywood FL Mortgage. From application to closing, you will have a single dedicated point of contact for your Hollywood FL mortgage. No excuses, just answers.
  • You can expect your Hollywood FL mortgage professional to be meticulous at the beginning. Once he or she has asked the right questions and we have identified the best Florida mortgage program, your loan officer will help you gather the documentation to create a well-presented and complete loan application. We take the same care whether it is a simple 30k home equity line of credit for renovations in Hudson or a Florida Jumbo mortgage for an estate home in West Palm Beach.
  • Your 1st Continental Hollywood FL Mortgage loan officer will be proactive. Applying for a home loan and starting the journey to the closing table can be an anxious time. We will keep you in the loop as we work to assure that your Hollywood FL mortgage loan closes as promised with no surprises. Expect prompt answers and frequent updates as your loan moves from application to approval to funded and closed.

Your Hollywood Florida home mortgage is the key to a stable financial future. For most of us, it's very likely to be a large line item in our monthly budget for as long as we keep our home. As the premier mortgage business in Hollywood FL, you can count on our understanding just how important your loan is. You may only shop for a Florida mortgage




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