Turn, Turn, Turn?

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I am quite certain the Byrds were not referring to the mid Michigan real estate market when they echoed that phrase a good many years ago but right now it fits, at least that portion of the lyric.  The Real Estate market in the Greater Lansing area is showing definite signs of reversing the downturn. 

Oh, don't get me wrong.  There is still a lot of progress to make before the market will be considered robust but I can report from personal observation that things are beginning to pop. 

My phone is ringing.  People are noticing that there are a tremendous number of great buys in the market.  People are noticing that interest rates are at a forty year low and there is no reason to believe that the FED or anyone else is going to push them way up anytime soon.  People are noticing that Lansing is beginning to become a hiring center.  General Motors has just built the most sophisticated production factory on the planet and it sits just west of Lansing.  People are beginning to relocate to mid Michigan from other areas around the State.

My open houses are drawing crowds.  Not just curiosity seekers.  Not just neighbors in for their first look inside 'the house next door'.  These are buyers actively seeking a new home.  They spend time, they ask questions, they accept followup calls and absorb new information.  They are ready to buy.

Listings are getting more showing appointments outside of open houses.  Since the first of the year there has been a significant surge of buyers on the road looking hard.

The Michigan economy has taken some heavy hits in the last few years but those that can make a difference and change things are fighting the good fight.  It isn't over but a corner is being turned. 

How do I know all of this?

A little Birdie told me.

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Chun Liu
Keller Williams Coastal Properties - Lakewood, CA

I think that you have a point and I hope that you are correct.

How very interesting.  Would love to hear more when it is written.



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Jan 30, 2007 05:40 AM
Mike Bowler Sr.
Good job on the blog Chris. Mike
Jun 09, 2007 08:49 AM