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Looking North for Maine Waterfront Real Estate - Moosehead

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The Moosehead Region of Maine is dominated by the enormity of Moosehead Lake - the largest lake east of the Mississippi contained in one state. Moosehead Lake stretches 40 miles from south to north, is 20 miles wide, and has a surface area of over 75,000 acres. Surrounded by a vast, forested wilderness, this area is largely populated by moose, not people - and that demographic is probably its primary attraction.

A century ago Moosehead Lake was a summer playground for wealthy families from Boston and New York who would spend the summer here escaping the heat and pollution of the city. The grand hotels where they stayed and the trains that brought them here have gone the way of log drives and buggy whips, but the reason why they came remains.This area has always been a siren call to those who crave the beauty and serenity of water and wilderness in a pristine, natural setting. Today nature lovers and eco-tourists frequent the area, mixing in with fishermen, snowmobilers, and mountain bikers, all of whom are turning this area into a four season destination.

Most who come here will pass through the town of Greenville, a place to relax, catch your breath, and take on supplies before heading out to such destinations as Rockwood and Mt. Kineo, Kokadjo, Seboomook, Brassua Lake, Lobster Lake, and closer by, Upper and Lower Wilson Pond. Greenville has plenty of fine accommodations from rustic cabins to well-appointed B&Bs and Inns as well as many interesting places to shop or eat. You can also take the boatride of a lifetime on the steamship Katahdin, a vessel that has plied her trade for over a century on the waters of Moosehead Lake. Greenville - it's the quintessential jumping off point, the last bit of civilization before experiencing the majesty and remoteness of the farther reaches of Moosehead and the Great North Woods of Maine.

From Boston it's 260 miles and a five hour drive to Greenville.

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