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danae-icon-blog  Written by FairTradeWorks Advisor Danae Vanderwel

Bit by Bit: Renovations in the Home

As the wind changes and the leaves start to fall, many of us transition from outside living to inside dwelling! It’s through my posts “Bit by Bit: Renovations in the Home” that I’ll be sharing during the year, ways to organize, maintain and stylishly create a home which you can be proud of, all the while being cost effective and adding value to your home. These simple bit by bit upgrades will have you loving and enjoying your space in no time!



Credit: www.decoist.com online article “How to Design a Practical Mudroom

Let’s start at the back of the home. If you don’t have a mudroom, you may want to consider making a space free for one! A small renovation investing in simple upgrades such as flooring, storage and paint will be worth the cost. On average a very basic mudroom can cost as little as $1,500 however, a modest to high renovation can cost upwards of $5,000 – $7,000 depending on the flooring material, and cabinet millwork.

Mudrooms are a great place where strewn about backpacks and tossed shoes can come to order and you won’t have to stress about your child’s muddy shoe prints walking further into your just cleaned home. Standard dimensions are usually between 6' x 6' and 7' x 9'. You can also make it larger if you wish to add a washer and dryer, keep in mind plumbing costs if you where to decide this.

A mudroom isn’t a mudroom unless you can get the floor dirty, thus its name. To deal appropriately with this select flooring that's moisture-proof, easily cleaned, and practically indestructible. For this project I’ve listed below some material options you should consider.

  • Tile or stone fit the bill perfectly. Make sure to select one that is more textured then smooth, it’s helpful for traction.
  • Vinyl flooring works well in mudrooms, and keeps things cost effective. When choosing vinyl, pick a color that will not show dirt, and take extra care to install it on a moisture-proof substrate.
  • Concrete is also suitable for mudroom floors. It is easy to clean and makes an attractive alternative when it is stained.
  • Fiber mats and a boot scraper at the door help shoes get clean.
  • Rugs can collect water and dirt from feet before they track it into the house. Make sure the rugs are non-skid and washable.
pic3Credit: www.thisoldhouse.com online article “Make a Mudroom That Works for You”

Another vital part of a mudroom is proper storage and organizational solutions. Installing a custom or prefabricated millwork piece to allow for hooks, cubby holes and shoe racks/bins are an excellent way to achieve this. I’ve listed things to make it even better.

  • Shelving is essential. Create and label individual sections for family to keep things organized.
  • Adding pegs for jackets, hats, backpacks, and umbrellas are a great way to keep things off the ground. It also allows the items to dry if they are brought in from the rain.
  • Consider also adding a laundry hamper for easy clean up from outdoor activities or sports.
pic1Photo Credit: www.Mesopotamianmarine.blogspot.com

Lastly, a bench or chair conveniently situated in or near this area is imperative for the removal of wet shoes, soccer cleats, snow boots, you name it. Having a place to sit is important. In addition, adding a decorative mirror will take the space up a notch, whilst providing you visual affirmation for that last minute peek as you rush out the door.

pic2Photo Credit: www.mydesignchic.com


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