The Sound of Freedom

Real Estate Agent with Hilton Head Area Properties, LLC

We just came back from Charleston, SC through Beaufort, SC heading home to Hilton Head.... All at once this huge jet came right over us and headed in to land at the Marine Corp Air Station....  They have this saying on the gate and I firmly agree:  "THE NOISE YOU HEAR IS THE SOUND OF FREEDOM".  We arrived home and went out on the back porch and again, those proud airborne flew over the Lowcountry Marsh and we heard that "Freedom" again, what a sweet sound!  Thank God we live in a wonderful country like this, and Soldiers who protects us and fight to keep us safe.  God bless our Service Men and Women everywhere that risk their lives to keep us FREE... Freedom is not free, it is hard earned and I am grateful for all of them in providing a safe country, home, and American lifestyle for all of us.  To all the Service Men and Women... Thank you and keep up the great work!   (And if you happen to see them out eating, in an airport, or walking the streets, please be sure to walk up and tell them "Thanks for all you do; we appreciate you!",  and if you want to, buy their meal, they just love it!  It makes you feel so proud to be able to do something for them!)

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