The "Joys" of being a Real Estate agent!

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Between the ups & downs in the market, the showings in the dead of winter, the constant updating of the laws, rules & technology, this is not a job for the weak of heart. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job, but sometimes I think its gonna drive me to my wits end! My newest road block has been quite the pain, There are tenants in one of my listings. And I am convinced they are EVIL! I have had the door slammed in my face 3 times, I have been hung up on repeatedly, and spoken to in some not so nice words!  The whole time I have been biting my lip, smiling, & remaining professional, while daydreaming about showing this house daily for the next month just to make the tenants life as miserable as they are making mine!! But thats not the way we do things. After dealing with them for the last few weeks I am afraid that they think Realtors are evil & that they will never work with one in the future. Just because I have been trying to do my job & it interferes with their lives for a few minutes a week, I am the bad guy! But what can you do? Smile & drive on to the next house!

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