What is Flat Website Design and How Does it Work?

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Remember when everyone started getting broadband internet and websites started trying to get more and more expansive and extravagant things to show off their website. Often you’d get a thousand or so moving pieces with animations everywhere and quite often the essence and the flow of the website would get lost in a sea of confusion. In the midst of all the chaos, users were getting lost as the navigation of the website would be interrupted by overwhelming and over the top colours and movement. Since this poor design stage, many companies have stripped back their websites and made them far more presentable. How have they done this? We spoke with flowink, a web design specialist in herts , about the new simplicity of modern websites and how they are implemented.

What is it

Flat website design is basically stripping a website down to its simplest form but still keeping the look of the website interesting and inviting for the user. Its basic concept is to remove any 3d depth to the website. This means removing shadows and anything that can be perceived as depth so that all buttons, objects and pictures are all in 2 dimensions. This creates a unique look that allows easy navigation through the site whilst still maintaining an interesting skin.

How does it work

As said previously, removing all depth to the website is the best place to start with. However there are other things that can be done to create a traditional flat website. Having lots of space between objects, text and pictures allows the website room to breathe and the user the ability to clearly see the information that’s being presented to them. The colours of a flat website aren’t specified entirely but neutral colours are often used to limit any chance of potential clashing between any text, background or pictures. This doesn’t mean a designer has to use neutral colours, far from it. What it does mean is that extra attention is required if certain colours are used (like yellow and orange for example) to be sure there is no clashing.



Is this type of design vital for an efficient website? Many would argue that there are many ways to design a website and this technique is simply one of many tools and methods that designers have a t their disposal. However, with a sharp rise of flat websites, many designers seem to be agreeing that simplicity and efficiency is the best way forward.

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chris jude

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Mar 17, 2016 05:03 PM
Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
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Excellent point... you spend all the money to get the buyer to the site, don't make him wait or have to figure out navigation. They won't and will flit.

Dec 07, 2016 03:51 AM