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We've all heard the tips for a perfect open house. Apples and cinnamon in boiling water on the stove, a fresh baked batch of chocolate chip cookies on the counter, all the trappings that would trick the buyer into feeling at home. The problem is, it's all been done. Today's buyers are savvy- simply adding homey touches is no longer enough to move that darling property and make a mint. Creating a dynamic, fun, engaging and modern event with trendy vibes will help create within potential buyers the feeling they want to project in their home while entertaining. This phenomenal strategy just wouldn't be possible without awesome catering.

As all movers and shakers know, food can make or break an event. If the catering is lousy, people are sure to be discussing that instead of the event itself- in this case, the house you are trying to sell. Knowing how to impress and satisfy your guests requires knowing what is desirable to the most common demographic of house hunter- young professionals. Culinary arts have been on trend for some years now, and amateur chefs and food critics seem to pop up in the most unexpected of places. For this reason, a blend of trendy, sophisticated options and classic, natural choices is ideal for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Some great options for party platters for your open house include sushi and teppanyaki (thanks to Mike Rock of Arden Hill Estates for this suggestion). These Asian finger foods have seen a great deal of evolving popularity within both food and popular culture over the past 20 years, and are sure to entice and delight. They are small, neat, eaten in one bite, and appealingly, they are generally fairly good for you. Throwing a healthy event is key to appealing to your demographic; rich, fatty, heavy or fried foods are not appropriate for this type of party. 

A classic must have when providing food to a crowd is a platter with seasonal fruits and cheeses. This is very upscale and is a tradition taken from European culture. Providing a variety of crackers stacked against one another in a basket creates a look of sophisticated chaos- be sure to have small tongs on hand for platters to keep guests' hands from touching food. A charcuterie board is a great addition to a modern but classic open house- consider using a thick, heavy wood cutting board that is finished and has an attractive grain as a platter to serve cured Italian meats, olives, and other antipasto items. 

You've heard a lot of options for savory snacks, but what about sweet? Every palate is different, and some people have a demanding sweet tooth, immediately seeking the dessert tray at every party. Sophisticated dessert offerings are something that definitely has the potential to set your event apart. When choosing your sweet offerings, think about the type of event it is. You won't want anything with too many crumbs, a berry sauce that could stain, or a mound of frosting that's hard to bite into. 

One super-trendy French dessert that is rapidly becoming beloved stateside is the macaron- two deliciously light and crisp almond based cookies with gooey insides, between them hiding a deliciously flavored creme filling. These cookies are easy to eat, with few crumbs. While they're not easy to make yourself, an upscale bakery in your area will likely offer them in multiple flavors, ranging from the common to the exotic. Chocolate, salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla, tea and edible florals like rose, lavender and violet are common flavor themes. More than being delicious, neat and portable, macarons make a gorgeous presentation with their smooth exteriors in light, fun colors and enticing cream filling. Try serving them on an old style china pattern with floral designs for a classic look, or a sleek black resin tray to embolden their colors.

Finally, your perfect buffet would be incomplete without the utensils and products that will make food easy and neat to consume. We've all been to a party where there's nowhere to sit, no napkins around, you can't find the cups and the trashcan has mysteriously disappeared. Make sure your guests know where they can find plates, cups and utensils as well as where they should dispose of them when they are finished eating. Moreover, don't get the cheapest disposable plates and cups you can find- it sends the wrong message and completely takes away from the atmosphere you've cultivated. Pick sturdy, sleek and sophisticated products to complete your ensemble and you've surely got a recipe for success.
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