Buyers, Can you see beyond the clean up?

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Buyers, Can you see beyond the clean up? What about the paint and carpet?  Potential in the back yard? Do you have the time, the expertise, the creative spirit, etc., to make this your special place on the planet?  Or are you looking for a turn key, move in ready, home?  


Recently I was fortunate enough to be working with a Buyer Client who had some specific needs for her new home, who could also see the potential and future enjoyment of a back yard that . . . well, it looked like a ton of work!  




This buyer could see beyond the mess and was very excited about the covered deck that would over look what could be the coolest water feature in the area.  


I also recently worked with a couple, one of whom could see past the clean up and one who didn't immediately possess that ability or skill.  Mr. Buyer and his family had renovated several properties, but Mrs. Buyer had never really experienced that.  This was going to be their first home, and there was a little bit of anxt.  They found the house that fit all of her needs, and he started talking about what each room and space could be! Soon, she could see it as well, the trepidation disappeared and she became a little cautiously excited!  


Knowing what your abilities are is important as you look for a home.  Can you see past the mess?  Can you see past the paint colors?  Can you see under the worn carpet? Can you see a vacant lot and imagine your dream house on it?  Then, do you also possess the skills to make those visions come true?  Or will you have to hire it done?  For me, I can see it, I can draw it, but I don't have the skills to make all of those dreams and imaginings come true.  I have to have help.  


Make sure that your are communicating with your realtor if you are looking for that Move In Ready in your colors and tastes, or can you see beyond the clean up that will be necessary to create your space?

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Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty
Bucci Realty, Inc. - Melbourne, FL
Eighteen Years Experience in Brevard County

The ability to look beyond what you see before you is a rare trait among buyers.  But, when it is present, the process is less challenging!

Sep 25, 2015 02:08 AM