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Trending: SEO Benefits of Organic MLS Integration

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Content is still king in the world of search engine rankings especially for real estate professionals with markets that can be saturated with agent websites. Sites with more content and more indexed pages are getting higher rankings. If the website is not what’s considered an authority site, then you absolutely need to take advantage of the latest technology available to real estate professionals: Organic MLS Integration.


Organic MLS Integration is the latest trend in MLS feed technology and is providing a valuable alternative to those who are understanding that IDX framing provides zero SEO value to the agent. In the typical situation where an agent has an IDX vendor providing the MLS information to their site via framing, the SEO value from the MLS goes to the IDX vendor, not the agent. If an agent is using IDX framing then they are not receiving the SEO value of all the property information provided by the MLS.


Organic MLS Integration allows for a website owner to build their SEO value and ranking over time with a robust, content filled website. With IDX framing, a website owner does not have this advantage and does not gain any SEO value from their marketing efforts on their website.


Now imagine this scenario. You have a website that is receiving all the raw MLS data from the MLS provider directly. Each listing is being stored on your website/server. Not only do you have every listing as an individual page that is indexible by the search engines, you are adding content to your website. You are now building a robust website using Organic MLS Integration. 


Organic MLS Integration increases your site’s authority, increases the content and therefore, increases your search engine rankings over time. If you are a real estate professional looking to build a robust site that builds SEO value over time, and want a chance to outrank your competitor, one tool in your marketing plan should be Organic MLS Integration. There are many variables to consider when discussing ranking, such as configuring the SEO parameters of the website correctly, in order to really reap the benefits of organic MLS. But without Organic MLS Integration, you won’t have a leg up on your competitor especially if they have integrated the MLS on their site.


To learn more about the Organic MLS Integration trend, please visit realtyna.com. Stay tuned for our series of SEO tips for real estate websites.