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Morels: an Eastern Oregon Treasure

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Each Spring in the hills of Eastern Oregon when the sun starts to warm the earth, our own special treasures start to poke up through the sprouting grasses and resting pine needles. Morels are a much loved delicacy of outdoor enthusiasts and gourmet cooks. They tend to grow best where the ground has been recently disturbed. Last fall's wildfires certainly disturbed the forests. Now, the silver lining is abundant in the form of mushrooms. If you are lucky enough to find your own secret spot, bring a knife to cut the mushrooms, leaving their base in the ground. After a good soak in salt water, we rinse and remove twigs and grass from the mushrooms. Usually we can barely wait for them to soften in melted butter sizzling in a pan. Occasionally, we get our fill of sauteed mushrooms and have enough to make a cream of mushroom soup. I love this recipe from Twin Eagles.com http://www.twineagles.org/morel-recipes.html

Best of luck finding these treasures. If you need help finding your own property that may harbor morels, give me a call. I love helping people find their perfect property.