2018 Backsplash Trends

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The kitchen has evolved from a purely functional space to one of the most stylized rooms in your home. The flooring, cabinetry (including the hardware), sinks, faucets, lighting, and appliances are available in a broad range of colors and styles, so you can create the very personal look you want. Backsplashes were intended to protect the kitchen wall from splashes and stains. They can still do the job, but with more style. Kitchen backsplash trends for 2018 give you more materials, more colors, and more design ideas to make a stylish splash.

Marble or (more affordably) marble-look tile combines the natural beauty of veined marble with durability, but it should be polished marble to avoid stains, because the stone is naturally porous. You can incorporate a marble slab or create a pattern with smaller tiles, different colors of marble, and even integrate the marble tile with other materials and textures, like glass or stone.

Subway tile remains a popular design for a kitchen backsplash. The horizontal pattern can be made with large or small tiles, in monochrome or multi-color, and even in a herringbone pattern. Subway tiles are available in a vast array of colors, palettes, and textures, giving you plenty of latitude to play with the design. Consider a stripe of subway tile against a solid backdrop, to add visual interest to your kitchen wall. Combine glass subway tiles that are broken up with metal strips. Subway tile uses grout, which presents another opportunity to customize a kitchen backsplash. Match the grout to the subway tiles or choose a contrast for a more dramatic result.

With glass mosaic tile, you can achieve a more contemporary...

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