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I firmly believe we as agents should be reviewed about our service to the public we serve. There are times we may NOT receive the review we would like to hear but frankly some of the things that may be said coula possibly help us to be better. One of my quotes I’ve been using lately is”if we want to be better we must do better”. How will we know if someone doesn’t tell us? How will we know if we’ve made a mistake and we keep repeating it? I at times can be sensitive to the words people may say about me but if I want to be “better” I need to be able to handle it. I need to “thicken” up my skin to be able to take constructive criticism from my clients/customers.

But since we are human and we have feelings we tend to take offense to words that offend and criticize and not words that edify and “lift us up”. Well there are days that we don’t deserve to be edified. Some days we don’t hit the mark. And in reality that’s ok as we are all NOT perfect. We have good days and bad and we have ups and downs. But every day we should strive to be better, to perfect our craft and do the best we possibly can. I received a review from a client today that was posted on one of my lead generation sites. Just the words that they used made me feel that I got it right this time. Will I be like this with all of my transactions? I don’t think so. It’s the knowing that we could be better that should make us do the necessary things to get there. Remember we have not “arrived” yet but we are on the journey to get there. Everyone’s “journey” is different but how we get there should be universal.

I look over my 32 years doing what I enjoy and know I’ve learned a lot from the people that I encounter and the situations I’ve been through. Remember life is a journey. Make the “best” decisions in order to get your best results.

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