Keto Friendly Fried Chicken

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When I am not showing homes, listing or selling properties, or traveling with my family in my Heartland Sundance 5th wheel,  I am creating KETO friendly recipes and perfecting them to taste better.

Due to health reasons, my family made a change to our diet which included healthy home cooked food, few processed foods, no sugar (read labels you will be surprised what has sugar in it), very little carbs, and good fat.

Because of our new way of eating I have had to learn how to use alternate ingredients instead of regular flour and sugar (high in carbs). This has caused me to seek online recipes and by doing so have found that many of them did not come out right.

Starting a new way of living and eating can cost quite a bit of money not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on groceries and time spent testing recipes that didn't work brought me to trust my gut and experiment with ingredients to make this way of eating possible for my family and others.

You see, aside from being in Real Estate for 20 years and Licensed for 18 years, I have a degree in Culinary Arts, so cooking and baking come natural- well they used to! Working with ingredients such as Almond flour, Coconut flour, using monk fruit sweeter and stevia also known as ethrythol in lieu of any other sugars (goal is to not spike blood sugar), lillys chocolates and chocolate chips, using heavy cream, cheeses, butter, and avocado oil has been a new adventure and one that I am starting to be able to perfect especially when it comes to baked goods and getting the ratio of flour and liquid balanced.

For those of us who are on a Ketogenic diet, or a low carbohydrate diet because of health reasons this one is for you!

Jsklwebb Adventures Presents:

Keto Friendly Fried Chicken

 This is one recipe I have been craving since I started this way of eating. The chicken skin comes out crispy, the meat tender, and the breading stays on the chicken. MY FAVORITE!

I have also used this breading on fish and it turned out great. I may try this on veggies because I LOVE fried zucchini, but that will be my next experiment. I would say the closest non keto breading would be Panko breading in comparison to what I made.

Use any chicken pieces you would like. I love dark meat so I use wings, drumsticks and thighs. My husband and daughter love the breast tenderloins. I could have added a couple thighs to use up the remaining mixture but this gives you an idea of how much you get for the batch. Coats approximately 14 pieces of chicken.


6 Breast tenderloins- flattened

4 chicken wings

2 drumsticks

1 1/2 cup almond flour

1 1/2 cup parmesan cheese finely shredded

1 1/2 cup pork rinds

6 eggs

3 medium sized bowls

Deep pan for frying OR electric fryer with Avocado Oil filled to the min. line- this took 4.5 bottles of avocado oil for my fryer.

Avocado oil (can heat up to 400 degrees)


Using a food processor, crush the pork rinds into fine pieces. This is important for the breading to be even on the chicken.


Next, add the parmesan cheese to the pork rinds and finely process this mixture together. 

 Add this pork rind/parmesan mixture to one of the medium sized bowls and set aside.

 In the next medium bowl add the almond flour. Season the flour with your favorite spices. I used smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cilantro, crushed rosemary, ground all spice, marjoram, Himalya fine pink salt, and pepper. If you enjoy spicy food don’t forget to add the chili powder!



In the last bowl add the 6 eggs and beat until combined.

  On a cutting board I placed all of the chicken tenderloins and flattened them so they fry consistently.

 In your frying pan, add enough avocado oil to safely cover half of the chicken- if you add too much the oil foams and overflows onto the stove top (If using your fryer make sure avocado oil is filled to minimum and is set for the temperature to fry chicken. I have used both methods. Fryer is easiest for me- fry 2 or 3 pieces at the most to avoid oil from boiling over. I have oil heating on medium heat using my gas stove.

While your oil is heating, arrange the bowls starting with the pork rind/ parmesan bowl closest to the oil, then the egg, and last the almond flour. I do this to try to lessen the clean up.

Remember this: Egg, Flour, Egg, Pork Rinds, Fry. This is the process we will use for the next steps.

 Take a piece of chicken and dip your chicken into the egg mixture and make sure you coat both sides.

Now take the chicken you just dipped in egg and dip your chicken into the almond flour coating both sides.

Dip the same piece back into the egg mixture coating both sides and lastly into the parmesan/ pork rind mixture on both sides and fry. This process will give the chicken 3 coats.


Do this to all of the pieces of chicken you are going to fry. Easy way to remember my dipping method is egg, flour, egg, pork rinds, fry. I have had better luck coating them just before they go into the oil however, you can coat all of the pieces of chicken and lay them next to each other but not touching, then fry them 2 to 3 pieces at a time careful not to overload the pan or fryer. 

Breast tenderloins and wings took 5 minutes on each side to cook, Drum sticks took 8 minutes on each side and chicken breasts took 12 minutes on each side.

Using the fryer,  the wings took 5 minutes, drumsticks took 12 minutes, chicken breast took 15 min ( all bone in). This time varies based on how large the pieces are.


Have left overs? They reheat well in the microwave but if you want some crunch, heat up a little avocado oil and pan fry again.

We eat our left-over chicken with a homemade salad  or with keto friendly coleslaw.

Recipe for my keto friendly coleslaw will follow. More recipes at

jsklwebbadventures is my fun blog and I feature recipes, rv tips and tricks, and I also write about our adventures in our 5th wheel.



Comments (2)

Cathy Starkweather
La Rosa Realty, LLC. - Celebration, FL

I looked over your website, which is very nice and your recipes seem delightful! I'll give some a try for my family! :)

May 11, 2018 12:55 PM
Stephanie & John Webb

Thank you Cathy. Enjoy!

May 12, 2018 06:07 AM
John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service

Stephanie & John Webb thanks for the delicious Keto friendly fried chicken recipe.

May 11, 2018 06:19 PM
Stephanie & John Webb

Thank you for checking it out John.

May 12, 2018 06:08 AM

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